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Undip Bangun Pusat Pengembangan Inovasi

Undip Builds Innovation Center

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In 2017, the University of Diponegoro will soon build an innovation center on campus Pleburan. In an area of 7.5 hectares Undip will build a wide variety of facilities to support Undip as an international level of modern educational institution. The facilities include: Digital Science Techno Park, Beauty and Well Being Center, Conference and Exhibition Hall, Training Accommodation, Student Dormitory, and Open Theater. In addition, there will be also facilities such as cafes, mosques and open green gardens. The complex will be named “Undip Innovation Square (UIS).

Undip Rector, Prof. Yos Johan Utama said that all of the facilities are built to support Undip in achieving its vision as a world class university (WCU). “As PTNBH, Undip must immediately move forward red and white flag into the international arena” said Rector.

Digital Science Techno Park (DSTP), for example, will be developed as a center for software development, film animation, games, digital applications, product design, and creative marketing. DSTP will be developed in cooperation with other institutions at central and local levels to work together to make Central Java becomes a center for the development of digital technology.

Beauty and Well Being Center will be developed as a center of excellent (CoE) in the field of beauty and fitness in South East Asia. It will include skin care and dental services, fitness center, stem cell and traditional medicine.

Conference and Exhibition Hall will be used for the conference and exhibition center of an international standard. The facility is designed to be able to accommodate at least 8000 visitors with modern technologies. This facility, apart for serving internally, it also will serve the interests of the industrial market in Central Java.

Training Accommodation will include accommodation facilities for visitors who attend the academic activities in Undip. The facility will be made equivalent to a five-star hotel, so as to provide a comfort accommodation for visitors from abroad.

Student Dormitory and Open Theater are provided for students who study at the Postgraduate and Doctorate Degree programs on Pleburan campus. Students will also be spoiled with modern facilities such as cafes, malls education, and also the green garden to study comfortably.

Meanwhile, Vice Rector of Communication and Business, Budi Setiyono, Ph.D said that UIS will also be developed as a revenue spot for Undip. “IApart for providing additional income for the university, UIS will also be a place of internships for final year students, laboratory of entrepreneurship, and the business hub networks for alumni”, said Budi.

Students of Oceanography, University of Diponegoro Create Map Fishing Ground for Fishermen

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Students of Oceanography, University of Diponegoro do community service in the form of training of the determination of fishing grounds by creating a map or some sort of manual book Fishing Ground, in Fishermans Mangunharjo Semarang, they are Inovasita Alifdini (Oceanography 2013), Ratu Almira Kismawardhani (Oceanography 2013), Argo Galina Suhadha (Oceanography 2013), Siti Zubaedah (Oceanography 2014), and Naeli Nulaini (Oceanography 2014), joined the team of Student Creativity Program Community Services (PKMM) that is paid RISTEK DIKTI 2016.

Mapping these routines inspiration today in the fishermen catch fish just using sheer instinct. so that sometimes gets a lot of fish, and even sometimes do not get at all. “This is what tickles us to make a map of fishing grounds” said Tim Inovasita as chairman.

According to the map created using software arc gis and sea das. The data used is fashionable aqua satellite image data that is data of sea surface temperature average and kloofil A over the last 20 years.

“In addition, we also introduced tools such as fish finder to find fish, so our target group of fishermen (Saroyo Mino) technology literacy” he added.

This has run started in March 2016 and on the 15th to 17th April 2016, a team led Dr. Denny Sugianto Nugroho has successfully introduced the use of maps fishing ground along with supporting tools (GPS and Fish Finder). In addition, PKM team is also directly implement this map in the sea, by way of guidance with the fishermen at sea. The catches are obtained in one boat up to 40 kilograms.

Inovasita also stated that with these activities through the introduction Hopes to facilitate fishermen to locate fishing ground. “In the future, the team will create a book in the form of a collection of maps fishing ground. In addition, for this ongoing project, PKM team will also provide training to the children of fishermen on the fishing ground creating maps using satellite imagery “he explained. Ir / In

Undip Founded the Center for Halal

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The Government of the Indonesia Republic has determined and approved the Law No. 33 Year 2014 about Halal Product Guarantee. However, in the implementation of halal certification for a product not yet mandatory and is voluntary. This was said by the Director General of the Consumer Protection and Commerce Orderly Irjend (Purn) Dr. Syahrul Mamma, SH., MH, in the event of a national seminar SAFETY AND HALAL 2018 with the theme: “System Improvement and Implementation of Halal to Build National Product Competitiveness”. Organized by the Undip Halal Research Centre in collaboration with the Halal Consortium, Central Java, on Thursday (2/6) at the Grasia Hotel.

Syahrul said products are expected to be applied halal certification include food products, beverages, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.Surely this certification, providing protection for the Indonesian nation whose majority 80% are Muslims. Implementation of Law No. 33 Year 2014 about Halal Product Guarantee is not maximized, so that the necessary forum for socializing and escorting “he said.

Meanwhile Diponegoro University Rector Prof. Yos Utama Johan said Undip have done the establishment of Halal Research Center, which is expected to spearhead the conduct groundbreaking research related to halal. The consortium is expected to escorting and assist with the implementation of Law No. 3 Year 2014. On Halal Product Guarantee. We also invite the colleagues from the University of the others to get together “he explained

Rector added that this seminar is very important and needs to be there because he thinks that is halal and good food is an important capital development of the nation and state of Indonesia.

“Yos urged every local government has a regulation governing laws / regulations regarding halal food. This can be realized in the form of halal label on each product. This halal labeling will provide a guarantee to the people in consuming halal food “he added


Focused Downstream Research, Undip Cooperate with BPPT Form of Innovation Center Communication Forum

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Diponegoro University cooperation with BPPT establishing Innovation Center

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undip queensland

Undip Strengthen Cooperation with Queensland

Diponegoro University (Undip) re-strengthen the cooperation with the State of Queensland

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IHC Youth As Containers Effective Obesity Prevention In Adolescents

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Department of Nutritional Sciences Faculty of Medicine, broke new ground in the field of community service as a form of activity Tri Darma University. Forms of community service activities that are sustainable communities need today with the empowerment model, and therefore the need to establish the Department of Nutritional Sciences IHC Teens who work with the SMA 1 and SMA 2 Semarang.

Establishment of the juvenile IHC based background of the problem as follows:

Nutrition is a crucial requirement for all people, including those for high school students. As teenagers undergoing puberty, high school students experiencing rapid growth resulting in increased nutritional needs. Increased nutritional requirements if it is not matched with diet and physical activity to eat will appear obese. The prevalence of obesity among adolescents continues to increase at this time. Obesity in adolescents may also lead to metabolic syndrome at an earlier age. This is due primarily shifting patterns of eating and physical activity. Health programs (sustainable) of the government, especially nutrition for teenagers not currently exist. To prevent the problem of obesity in high school students, required a continuous effort to improve the knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors of high school kids about good nutrition. For optimal results, these efforts need to involve the active participation of high school students as subjects. One effort that can be done is through the delivery of integrated health teenager. Preventive and promotive efforts realized through Posyandu adolescents with appropriate methods and concepts. Characteristics of adolescents is quite unique, which is characterized by attachment with peers (peer-group). Very strong peer influence on feeding behavior than the parents. Their closeness, openness, sense of shared destiny it is an opportunity to facilitate the establishment of nutritional ambassador as well as the driving agent of change IHC teenagers. This activity begins with socialization and coordination with the school, which includes the selection of the initial preparation ambassador nutrition, nutrition promotion media creation, assessment instruments, and then do the monitoring and evaluation.

Parties SMA 1 and SMA 2 is a pioneer partner posyandu formation of teenagers in the city of Semarang. School leaders and the whole range of its full support for the formation posyandu teenagers, as a new form of extra-curricular and became one of the flagship schools program in the field of health.

All technical support establishment of IHC teenager was sourced from the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education in 2016, through grants Science and Technology for Society.