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Kanazawa University Promote Doctoral Scholarship for Undip

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This year Kanazawa University, Japan opens Doctoral Scholarship for Lecturers that have got Master degree. The dissemination activities of scholarship was held in Courtroom Rector,

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Scholarship Bidikmisi For graduate SMA / SMK / MA Year 2017

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Bidikmisi is tuition assistance for students finishing their studies and have good academic potential to study in college on excellent courses to graduate on time.

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Bids Instructional Materials Development Incentive Program and Guidelines Learning Approach Student Centered Learning (SCL)

In order to encourage innovative teaching methods in universities, Directorate of Education, Directorate General Education and Student 2016 to offer the lecturers in universities to follow Instructional Materials Development Incentive Program and Learning Guidelines year 2016.

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SK 2015/2016 Academic Calendar Changes

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Decision on Amendment rector of Diponegoro University Diponegoro University Rector Decree No. 612 / Un7.P / HK / 2015 On Diponegoro University Academic Calendar Academic Year 2015/2016, can download here