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Undip Socialized SNMPTN and SBMPTN 2018 in Pekalongan

Nowadays, it has entered period of socialization SNMPTN (National Selection for State University Admission) or SBMPTN (Joint Entrance Selection for State University) 2018. In this year, Diponegoro University (Undip) has tasks to socialize the selection process to Brebes, Tegal, Pekalongan, Demak and Kudus Regency, and of course some senior high schools in Semarang City.

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Diponegoro University Socialized Selection for Admission

Diponegoro University (Undip) socialized the selection process for public higher education admission at SMAN 3 (State Senior High School 3), Tegal Regency, Central Java Province, on Monday (Feb 12, 2018). Objectives of the socialization are to promote Undip profile and to provide high schools students in Tegal tips for passing SNMPTN (National Selection for State

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Diponegoro University Builds Electric Bus in Central Java

Cooperated with National Center for Sustainable Transportation (NCSTT), Diponegoro University held a Meeting and Industry Road Show at Serrata Hotel, Semarang, on Thursday (Feb 1, 2018). A day after meeting, the university brought participants to carrosserie industry in Central Java. It was for providing

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Students Held “Pemalang’s Works” Expo

* Community Service Program 2018 After one month doing Community Service Program, Students Team 1 of Diponegoro University 2018 in Pemalang Regency held an expo of their works, with some local small businesses, themed “Pemalang’s Works” on Sunday (Feb 2, 2018).

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Diponegoro University Works With Netherland for Sustainable Coastal Areas

Netherland’s Delegates visited Diponegoro University, Monday (January 29, 2018), to discuss a cooperation for sustainable coastal areas in Central Java. “Diponegoro University welcomes to Kingdom of Netherlands’ delegates. This is an effort to make each other closer

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Delegasi dari Belanda Kunjungi UNDIP Kenalkan Zona Pesisir yang Lestari

“ Undip menyambut baik kunjungan Kingdom Of Netherlands,  kunjungan ini merupakan sebuah media untuk saling mendekatkan dan memperkenalkan institusi serta sosialisasi tentang pengembangan zona pesisir yang lestari ” ujar Wakil Rektor IV Undip, Prof. Dr. Ir. Ambariyanto, M.Sc., dalam acara Kunjungan

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Diponegoro National Hospital Held 2nd Anniversary

Having 2 years operated, Rumah Sakit Nasional Diponegoro (RSND – Diponegoro National Hospital) held its second anniversary at 5th Floor Hall, RSND, Tembalang, on Tuesday (January 30, 2018). In its second anniversary, the

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Control Flood, Faculty of Engineering Invite Netherland’s Expert

Faculty of Engineering of Diponegoro University bring an expert from Netherland to discuss on how to control flood in urban areas, on Thursday (January 25, 2018). In workshop themed “Integrated Management of Peat Swamp Forest and Polder Development in Indonesia” took place at Hall of Civil Engineering,

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Rector: Graduates Have To Be Adaptive To Changes

Diponegoro University’s graduates have to be adaptive to changes, as only adaptable nation will survive to face all changes. Rector Prof. Yos Johan Utama addressed it to 1,962 graduates in Graduation ceremony at Prof. Soedarto Hall, Diponegoro University campus, Tembalang, on Tuesday (January 23, 2018).

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