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The Humanist Prof Darmanto Died

In respective two days, Diponegoro University lost two professors. On Saturday (January 13, 2018) Professor Sudarmanto Jatman passed away at Dr Kariadi Hospital, Semarang while he underwent a medical treatment for his stroke. One day later, a neonatalogist Prof. Dr. dr. Muhammad Sholeh Kosim SpA(K) died in 67 years old.

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Diponegoro University’s Neonatalogist Passed Away

Diponegoro University again missed its best scholars. A day after Professor Darmanto Jatman died, the University have a grief moment again as  neonatalogist Prof.Dr.dr.Muhammad Sholeh Kosim SpA(K) passed away in 67 years old on Sunday (January 14, 2018) at Kariadi Hospital. Prof Soleh Kosim left a wife Endang Martiningsih and two children, M Yusron Amriadi

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Muliaman D Hadad Confirmed as Professor of Economics

Diponegoro University confirmed Muliaman Dharmansyah Hadad, S.E., MPA., Ph.D. as Professor of Economics for Economics and Business Faculty, in a ceremony leaded by Rector Prof. Yos Johan Utama at  Prof.Soedarto, SH Hall of Diponegoro University’campus in Tembalang on Saturday (January 13, 2018). In the ceremony, Muliaman addressed his speech titled “The Growth and Stability: Financial

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Diponegoro University’s Researchers Made Two Robotic Arms Like Spider-Man’s Doctor Octopus

People usually hard to do activities requiring more than one person to handle. For example, a man needs a working partner to repair ceilings or he need other people’s help to open the locked door while his two hands are gripping other things. Inspired by character of Doctor Octopus in Spider-Man movie,  researchers of Diponegoro

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American Political Expert Gave Studium Generale Lecture in Diponegoro University

Executive Director of Wyoming Democratic Party, Political Campaign Manager and Political Communication Expert Aimee Van Cleave gave a studium generale lecture to students of Magister of Political Science (Magister Ilmu Politik – MIP) of Diponegoro University, Thursday (January 4, 2018), at campus of Postgraduates of Diponegoro University in Pleburan, Semarang.

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Diponegoro University’s College Hostels Opened for Female Students

Entering the new year of 2018, Diponegoro University’s Management of College Hostels opened an opportunity to stay in the dormitory. Registration for the accomodation is began on January 2, 2018. The dormitory is an apartments of 5 floors and 114 rooms.

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Rector: Students Have To Apply Research Works and Innovation

As  a State Owned Higher Education with Legal Entity Status (Perguruan Tinggi Berbadan Hukum PTN-BH) and world class university, Diponegoro University (Undip) asked its students in community service program to apply research works and innovations while they are undergoing their community service. Beside sharpening their populism spirit, community service can also be a

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