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General Requirements

Hereinafter referred to as:

  1. Minister is the Minister of Education and Culture of the Republic
  2. Director General of Higher Education is the Director General of Higher Education, Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic
  3. University is the University of Diponegoro.
  4. The Faculty is the existing faculties at the University of Diponegoro.
  5. Programs or other similar names is the set of supporting resources courses in one clump disciplines of science, technology, art, and / or sports equipment at the University of Diponegoro.
  6. Study Program is a program that includes an integrated study plan to guide the provision of education which is organized on the basis of a certain curriculum and is intended to allow students to master the knowledge, skills and attitudes in accordance with the objectives of the course curriculum.
  7. Multidisciplinary Studies Program is a study program that provide education-based collection of various disciplines
  8. Monodisiplin Studies Program is a study program that provide education based on a 1 (one) discipline
  9. Academic education is higher education Undergraduate and postgraduate directed mainly towards the mastery of specific scientific disciplines and
  10. Graduate Program Graduate Program Diponegoro University is organizing further education of undergraduate education consisting of the Master Program, Specialist Education Program (PPDS) and Doctoral programs either Monodisiplin or
  11. Doctoral Program by Course is the delivery of educational programs through lectures Doctoral conducted before research
  12. Doctoral Program is the delivery of education by research Doctoral program that prioritizes activities
  13. Professional Education is a higher education after undergraduate program that prepares students to run jobs with skill requirements
  14. Vocational Education / Diploma is a higher education that prepares students to carry out certain work with applied skills in the form of Diploma, Masters and Doctoral Applied Applied.
  15. Cross-track program / control program is a Bachelor’s educational program participants come from graduates of Diploma III (D III) and held on the basis of inter-institutional cooperation with special consideration through the process of bridging.
  16. Rector is the rector of Diponegoro University.
  17. Dean is the dean of the faculty at the University of Diponegoro
  18. Director is the director of the Graduate Program Diponegoro University.
  19. Lecturers are professional educators and scientists at the University of Diponegoro with the main task of transforming, developing and disseminating science, technology, the arts through education, research and community service.
  20. Lecturers are professors who work full-time status as educators remain at Diponegoro University.
  21. Variable lecturers are lecturers who are not full-time work as educators at the University of Diponegoro.
  22. The Promoter is supervising doctoral candidate, with a PhD and has a functional position Diponegoro University Professors in the scientific field
  23. Co-Promoter is a doctoral degree academic personnel who became the appendage Promoter and have minimal post of Associate Professor or Professor who holds a doctorate in science allied or not
  24. Lecturer guardian / academic supervisor is a lecturer at the Graduate Degree Program and assigned the duty to give consideration, guidance, advice and consent to the students guidance in determining their study plan and can provide counseling support the learning process.
  25. Students are learners enrolled and studying at the University of Diponegoro.
  26. Foreign students are students who come from foreigners (WNA) registered and follow the process of teaching and learning at the University
  27. Registration is an administrative procedure and academic order that must be lived by
  28. Stages of registration:
    • Administrative registration is an activity undertaken by a student to acquire the status of registered
    • Academic registration is an activity register as a participant lectures, lab work, exams and / or other academic activities in the courses offered in the semester by completing the Study Plan Card (KRS).
  29. Student credit transfer are:
    • Diponegoro University students who are actively following the lecture at other universities both at home and abroad in Sit-in program, Credit Transfer System (CTS), Student Exchange, Twinning Program, Double Degree, Fast Track, and other programs
    • Other college students from both inside and outside the country registered at Diponegoro University as a guest student in Sit-in program, CTS, Student Exchange, Twinning Program, Double Degree, and other programs
  30. Sit in was administratively learners who enrolled at the University of Diponegoro, with major operations following the lecture, but not burdened with academic activities consisting of test, research and other tasks.
  31. Credit Transfer System (CTS) is the transfer of course credits obtained from outside the program of study, planned and systematically included in the curriculum of the study program, which can be taken both inside and outside the University of Diponegoro.
  32. Student Exchange is a student exchange activities between the two universities at home and abroad include academic activities and / art based mutual consent
  33. Twinning Program is the development of the same study program between the University of Diponegoro with universities from home and abroad by means of synchronizing curricula of both programs of study in order to hold the learning process
  34. Double Degree is a double degree obtained from Diponegoro University and from universities in Indonesia or other universities abroad in the framework of the development cooperation program
  35. Fast Track is accelerated educational program organized by the University
  36. Ceremony Admissions (PMB) is a form of academic ceremony in the open senate meeting forum Diponegoro University to induct new students.
  37. Moving Students Study is a change in the status of a student from one course to another course of study in the University of Diponegoro, out of the University of Diponegoro or transferred from other universities from home and abroad to Diponegoro University.
  38. Academic Leave or discontinuation of study while a student is right to stop temporarily from any form of academic activities with the permission of the Rector within a certain time limit and implementation delegated to the Dean or Director of the Program
  39. Academic leave with the specific reason is the termination of the study while for some reason the permission of the Rector and implementation delegated to the Dean or Director of the Program
  40. Self retreat is the right of every student to relinquish its status as a student at the University of Diponegoro as determined by the Rector after the respective request in writing through the Dean / Director of Program
  41. Academic violations are any actions contrary to the academic regulations
  42. Sanctions are penalties imposed on students who commit violations in the implementation of academic activities by academic regulations
  43. Guidance and counseling is the process of assistance from an expert in the faculty or university to students who are having problems in completing
  44. Evaluate the progress of a student’s study is the assessment criteria are carried out gradually towards achieving the Cumulative Achievement Index (CPI) to determine the ability of students in continuing
  45. Real Working Lecture (KKN) is an academic activity at the undergraduate education program that is both curricular and interdisciplinary in order to identify and help solve the problems of society with emphasis on community empowerment, and activities should gayut with competence in the program, and regulated by government decree
  46. Thesis is a scientific paper in the form of exposure to writing research scholar (S1), which addresses an issue / phenomenon in a given field of science by using rules that
  47. The thesis is a work of in-depth academic research conducted independently and contains a contribution to the development of science and
  48. The dissertation is a scientific paper academic studies or in-depth research conducted independently and contains a new contribution to the development of science or find new answers to the problems that temporarily have known the answer or ask new questions on things that are seen as having established in the field of science, technology and was created by Dissertation Doctoral candidates under the guidance of Promoter team and has been successfully defended in front Doctoral Final Examination Assessment team.
  49. Graduation ceremony is a form of academic ceremony held in an open forum the university senate meeting to inaugurate
  50. Academic degree is a title given to Diponegoro University graduates who have passed the academic education of various levels.
  51. Professional designation is a designation given to Diponegoro University graduates who have passed Education
  52. Vocational designation is a designation given to Diponegoro University graduates who have passed education
  53. Student Centered Learning (SCL) is a learning system by placing the student as the main actor in the learning process and teachers serve as facilitators.
  54. Dual status is the status of a student in a certain period of time, have the status of enrolled as a student at two or more regular study programs at universities
  55. Dharma students are scholarship programs of the Government of the Republic of Indonesia that is open to students from various countries that have diplomatic relations for learning languages, art, music, and crafts at the University of Diponegoro.
  56. COMPLETE is a graduate profile Diponegoro University which stands Communicator (able to communicate orally and in writing), Professional (works according to the principle, development based on merit, to uphold the code of conduct), Leader (adaptive, responsive to the environment, proactive, motivator, cooperation ), Thinker (critical thinking, lifelong learning, researchers), Entrepreneur (high work ethic, entrepreneurial skills, innovative, self-reliance), Educator (able to become agents of change).
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