The Lecture of The head of the BNPT Titled Danger of Radicalism on Inauguration Ormawa Undip 2019

The Lecture of The head of the BNPT Titled Danger of Radicalism on Inauguration Ormawa Undip 2019

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The head of the National Agency for the eradication of Terrorists Komjen Pol. Suhardi Alius convey lecture titled Danger of Radicalism and Terroristm on the inauguration Ormawa Undip 2019 in Building of Prof. Soedarto,SH, Undip Tembalang (Wednesday, 20/2). The event was attended by Rector, 69 representatives of BEM of Faculties and University and 44 representatives of Student Activity Unit (UKM).

Rector of Diponegoro University Prof. Dr. Yos Johan Utama, SH., M.Hum said congratulations to elected persons to be Chairman of each student organization of Diponegoro University. Further, Rector said that we should be thankful living in safe and condusive country. Eventhough, there is some radical issue, but it can be cotrolled.

Regarding to radicalism, it can due to the integrity of the society which is very less. Citizen, espesially students should select the content which is consume carefully. Trying to avoid content that is contaminated by radicalism and terroritsm. It is important to establish the integrity and spirit of knights to prevent radicalism and teroristm.
Meanwhile, The Head of BNPT Komjen Pol. Suhardi Alius emphized the importance of national ideology in an effort to strengthen the unity and the unity of the country.

“Our state was built with the ideology, and the struggle of the heroes to fight for independence. Now, our duty to defend it as young generation, “said the head of the BNPT.

“Most of us spend time more in front of the gadget and internet. We shoud be aware that some radical groups and terrorists are using the internet as the medium”. “So that we shouldprotect young generation by giving basic education of state foundation and local wisdom”.

Then, The head of the BNPT hopes that Rector and Dean should monitor the student
activities in campus, so that they cannot be infiltrated by radicalism and terroristm.