UNDIP Postgraduate Program Held Public Lecture

UNDIP Postgraduate Program Held Public Lecture

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Semarang, Wednesday, February 19, 2020 Postgraduate Program of Diponegoro University held a Public Lecture / Studium Generale: “Nuclear Science and Technology as Sustainable: Natural Science Applications From the 20th Century to the 21th Century.” The speaker in this Public Lecture was Professor Henk Heijnis from Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organization (ANSTO).

During his lecture, Professor Henk Heijnis said, “Actually the use of nuclear is not always scary.  It is all because most of us think that when we hear the word nuclear, we only know bombs, even though Nuclear is beneficial in various aspects including health, environment and industrial research. One example in the health aspect is the use of nuclear in detecting cancer.”

At the end of the lecture, all participants received certificates as participants in the Public Lecture. This Public Lecture was held at the Main Meeting Room of Building A, Diponegoro University Postgraduate Program Office (Wednesday, 19/2).