UNDIP Student Affairs Held Digital Marketing Training

UNDIP Student Affairs Held Digital Marketing Training

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Thursday (27/2), The Bureau Administration of Student Affairs Diponegoro University has once again holding a soft skill training for students whom are interested in entrepreneurships. The event was held in the form of interactive talk show with a title of Digital Marketing Training at BAA Meeting Room Undip. The event were attended by Vice Rector for Academic and Students Affairs Prof. Budi Setiyono, S. Sos., M.Pol.Admin., Ph.D, Head of the Bureau, Student Director, Vice Deans, and as much as 100 students from various majors.

This event invited speakers from Undip alumni, namely Ir. Firman Widodo from PT. Tethagra Catur Matra, Dharmawin Sumiran, BPR SE Commissioner Chandra Muktiartha, Ir. Akhmad Basuki as the owner of PT. CMS, and Roy Wibisono, S. Si. As the owner of PT. Nuanza Porcelin.

During his remark, the Vice Rector for Academic and Student Affairs, Prof. Budi, expressed his gratitude towards the parties who organized this event as well as the present speakers. He also said that this training was held for everyone to learn new knowledge; to share opinions regarding digital marketing and its strategies.

“The university has continuously designed programs that are projected to students who have its interest in entrepreneurships. The program aims to assist, guide, and produce Undip graduates who will become competent in entrepreneurships as managed and coordinated by BAK and KKIB,” said Prof. Budi.

Prof. Budi emphasized that an independent entrepreneur had to have its bookkeeping business activities and its own business entity. That points must be instilled in the mindset of students whom are interested in the field of job creator.

Not only giving an entrepreneurial motivation, Prof. Budi also appealed to all ranks and officials in student affairs to always work in a full innovation and development of measurable work patterns.

Prof. Budi hopes that students who are focusing in entrepreneurial world will be able to carry the almamater of Undip as a competent entrepreneur.

During the presentation, Ir. Firman Widodo from PT. Tethagra Catur Matra said that the meaning of competence in the field of business is the ability to finish each-and-every available task. In the discussion session, he also said that everyone may learn anything beyond their majors in this era.

“We have to realize that there will be very little chance of people that came to help us- there are few but to form a motivation we have to think like that. It is because everyone has its own problems,” he concluded.