Early year, UNDIP Inaugurates 4 Professors

Early year, UNDIP Inaugurates 4 Professors

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Semarang – Diponegoro University has once again held an inauguration ceremony of the Professor at Prof. Soedharto Building, SH Undip Tembalang campus on Wednesday (4/2). There were 4 new professors inaugurated, namely Prof. Dr. dra. Ari Pradhanawati, MS from the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Prof. Dr. Hadi Sasana, SE., M.Sc. from the Faculty of Economics and Business, then Prof. Dr. Aristi Dian Purnama Fitri, S.Pi., M.Sc from the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences, and Prof. Dr.Ir. Siswanto Imam Santoso, M.P from the Faculty of Animal Husbandry and Agriculture

Head of Undip Academic Senate, Prof. Sunarso, M.S said that currently Undip has 142 Active Professors. Prof. Dr. Dra. Ari Pradhanawati, MS is the 6th Professor from FISIP. While Prof. Dr. Hadi Sasana, SE., M.Sc. is the 15th Professor from FEB. As for Prof. Dr. Aristi Dian Purnama Fitri, S.Pi., M.Sc is the 22nd Professor of FPIK. While Prof. Dr.Ir. Siswanto Imam Santoso, M.P is the 25th Professor from FPP.

Undip Rector, Prof. Yos Johan Utama during his remarks congratulated the four professors who were inaugurated today and thanked all those who were present in attending this inauguration ceremony.

“God willing, the 4 professors are people whom its degree has been elevated. They must be adaptive to developments and innovations following the times in this digital era, Undip remains consistent in carrying out noble tasks, not only transferring knowledge but teaching good morals with the support of professionals and innovative educators and education staff, ” explained the Rector.

The Rector hopes that the four new professors will continue to work to produce renewable scientific works and for the benefit of the society.

Starting from Prof. Ari Pradhanawati from FISIP who delivers a speech entitled Industrial Labor Social Movement in the Vortex of the Reformation Era. It conveys the role of industrial workers where its other side is marginalized. Though, its other side has a big role and contribution as a support for development and economic drivers.

Followed by the speech Prof. Hadi Sasana from FEB entitled Fiscal Decentralization speech as a Driver for the Acceleration of Regional Competitiveness and Welfare Improvement. It is where the regional government as the executor of regional autonomy with great authority is expected to be able to optimize economic and social performance and public services in the area to improve the welfare of the community.

While Prof. Aristi Dian Purnama from FPIK delivers her speech with the title ETO-ECO-PHYSIOLOGY-based Development of Environmentally Friendly Fishing Equipment. Broadly speaking, it conveys about ETO- ECO-PHYSIOLOGY, namely the behavioral science (behavior) of fish responding to an object or habitat that comes from an ecosystem environment based on the body’s organs. From the structure of the body organs, a design of environmentally friendly fishing gear will be made.

As for Prof. Siswanto Imam Santoso from FPP, he delivers a speech with the title Agribusiness Approach for Environmental Conservation. The agribusiness approach taken is to utilize weeds that have the potential to cause environmental problems to be processed and utilized as animal feed products and fish that have more added value.