Students of Oceanography, University of Diponegoro Create Map Fishing Ground for Fishermen

Students of Oceanography, University of Diponegoro Create Map Fishing Ground for Fishermen

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Students of Oceanography, University of Diponegoro do community service in the form of training of the determination of fishing grounds by creating a map or some sort of manual book Fishing Ground, in Fishermans Mangunharjo Semarang, they are Inovasita Alifdini (Oceanography 2013), Ratu Almira Kismawardhani (Oceanography 2013), Argo Galina Suhadha (Oceanography 2013), Siti Zubaedah (Oceanography 2014), and Naeli Nulaini (Oceanography 2014), joined the team of Student Creativity Program Community Services (PKMM) that is paid RISTEK DIKTI 2016.

Mapping these routines inspiration today in the fishermen catch fish just using sheer instinct. so that sometimes gets a lot of fish, and even sometimes do not get at all. “This is what tickles us to make a map of fishing grounds” said Tim Inovasita as chairman.

According to the map created using software arc gis and sea das. The data used is fashionable aqua satellite image data that is data of sea surface temperature average and kloofil A over the last 20 years.

“In addition, we also introduced tools such as fish finder to find fish, so our target group of fishermen (Saroyo Mino) technology literacy” he added.

This has run started in March 2016 and on the 15th to 17th April 2016, a team led Dr. Denny Sugianto Nugroho has successfully introduced the use of maps fishing ground along with supporting tools (GPS and Fish Finder). In addition, PKM team is also directly implement this map in the sea, by way of guidance with the fishermen at sea. The catches are obtained in one boat up to 40 kilograms.

Inovasita also stated that with these activities through the introduction Hopes to facilitate fishermen to locate fishing ground. “In the future, the team will create a book in the form of a collection of maps fishing ground. In addition, for this ongoing project, PKM team will also provide training to the children of fishermen on the fishing ground creating maps using satellite imagery “he explained. Ir / In