FK Undip Provide Experimental Animals Laboratory

FK Undip Provide Experimental Animals Laboratory

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Experimental Animals Laboratory FK Undip is pioneer laboratory that contribute to accommodate the research related to the use of animal experiment for researchers in Undip and researchers working outside Undip.

The type of services that already exist in laboratory of experimental animals include maintenance and treatment of such sonde, taking blood, organ harvesting, and retrieval of body fluids.


Being a preclinical laboratory and leading modern experimental animals at national and international level with collaborative research activities and useful for people.



  1. Facilitating preclinical testing and the provision of high-quality experimental animals
  2. Plan and provide research services using high-quality experimental animals
  3. Seek, organize, and implement new research and development in the field of research using experimental animals
  4. Build facilities and develop collaboration in the development of technology-based products and services that accordance with quality standards
  5. Providing the competent resources and qualified for the purposes of research and development
  6. Affiliate programs and cooperation across laboratories and cross-institutional


Organizational Structure of Experimental Animals Laboratory FK Undip
Patrons                               : dr. Achmad Zulfa Juniarto, M.Si.Med., Sp.And., Ph.D.
Dr. Diana Nur Afifah, S.TP., M.Si.
Ninik Rustanti, S.TP., M.Si.
Coordinator                       : dr. Astika Widy Utomo, M.Sc.
Veterinarian                      : DVM. Dian Harjanti
Laboratory Technician : Siska Laras Asti, S.Pd.
Staff of Cleanliness         : Kusmani

Service in Experimental Animals Laboratory
The type of services that already exist in laboratory experimental animals include:

  1. Raising animals (mice and rats)
  2. Procurement / sales Rats and mice
  3. Treatment of Animals, such as the sonde, taking blood, organ retrieval, retrieval of body fluids, termination, and specific animal models.
  4. Weigh experimental animals
  5. Assistance maintenance and treatment of experimental animals.

For researchers / students who wish to hold research in Experimental Animals Laboratory FK Undip , can download SOP of Lab Usage, SOP of Financing, Rules here.

For further information contact:

Secretariat of Experimental Animals Laboratory
Building A Floor 2 Faculty of Medicine Diponegoro
Jl. Prof. H. Soedarto, SH – Tembalang – Semarang


Contact Person:

Astika Widy Utomo, M.Sc. : 0856 4139 0824

Siska Laras Asti                       : 0857 2655 8076


Standard Operational Procedure

Use of Experimental Animals Laboratory

    1. Objective: To guide the process of using the Laboratory for service purposes or research and services or analytical to the users.
    2. Scope: laboratory services to the academic community Undip medical faculty, other faculty in Undip environment, and other universities .
    3. Definition: Services such as the use of premises, equipment, consumables, expertise, and services or analysis.
    4. Procedure
    5. General
  • Candidate of Experimental Animals Laboratory Users must have permission to perform research that released by Faculty of Medical Undip
  • Users must understand how to wear, equipment procedures
    that will be used and if necessary in cooperation with the laboratory or lab coordinator.
  • Users of lab accompanied by a competent laboratory assistant appropriate directives Laboratory Coordinator.
  • Users of laboratory services fulfill and comply with all the discipline in laboratory of experimental animals to sign a letter of willingness to obey the regulation of laboratory use. (attached)
  • Research permits can be revoked if a user of laboratory disciplinary breaches applicable.
  • Users can borrow a tool in the laboratory while consumables supplied by the user.
  • Users tell the laboratory and laboratory coordinator for jobs that require time outside working hours.
  • Users must pay for the services of the laboratory services in accordance with the applicable rules.
  • Users laboratory will get letter of information have conducted research and letter of manumission laboratory when they fulfill administrative obligations.

Submission of Research Permission

  • Researchers from General Medicine Undip
  • Prospective users of laboratory submit petition use of laboratory services to the Vice Dean of the Faculty of Medicine Undip accompanied by a research proposal with a copy to: Vice Dean IV. (Example attached format)
  • Prospective users will get a reply letter / letter of permission from the Experimental Animals Laboratory FK Undip
  • Prospective users contact the secretariat of Animals Laboratory to coordinate research to be conducted.
  • Researcher Public (addition of General Medicine Undip and researchers from Outer Undip)
  • Prospective users of laboratory apply for use of laboratory services known head of department / study program accompanied by a research proposal to the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine Undip (example attached format).
  • Prospective users will get a reply letter / letter of permission from the Laboratory Animals FK Undip.
  • Prospective users to contact the secretariat of Experimental Animals Laboratory to coordinate research to be conducted

SOP of Experimental Animals Laboratory Financing 

Services Cost Details of Experimental Animals Laboratory FK Undip

No Details Satuan Price
1 Sewa Laboratorium (Mahasiswa UNDIP) /penelitian 150.000
2 Sewa Laboratorium (Non Mahasiswa UNDIP) /penelitian 225.000
3 Tikus Ekor 30.000
4 Mencit Ekor 20.000
5 Kandang Hari/ekor 500
6 Pemeliharaan Mencit Hari/ekor 500
7 Pemeliharaan Tikus Hari/ekor 1.000
8 Sonde Mencit /perlakuan 500
9 Sonde Tikus /perlakuan 1.000
10 Timbang sisa pakan/ feces /perlakuan 500
11 Injeksi /perlakuan 1.000
12 Ambil darah /perlakuan 5.000
13 Cukur/ sayat kulit /perlakuan 3.000
14 Bedah rumit (Otak, Sperma, Pankreas) /perlakuan 5.000
15 Terminasi dan pengambilan organ (bedah Sederhana) /perlakuan 5.000
16 Jasa Teknisi (Lembur/diluar   jam kerja) /jam 15.000
  • Feed and chaff is provided by the user laboratory
  • Consumables materials supplied by the user laboratory
  • Laboratory users will get a free letter if the lab have completed the course of a study and administrative obligations.
  • Prospective Users Must Pay Off deposit of Rp 500,000 before carrying out research in the Experimental Animals Laboratory.

Rules of Experimental Animals Laboratory

  • Users laboratory must have a permit of research in the Experimental Animals Laboratory FK Undip.
  • Users laboratories must have participated in the induction / introduction conducted by the laboratory before starting to use the lab.
  • No smoking in the Faculty of Medicine, Experimental Animals Laboratory
  • Forbidden to eat / drink at the Faculty of Medicine, Experimental Animals Laboratory
  • User Laboratory accompanied by the laboratory when conducting experimental animals laboratory.
  • Users laboratory is responsible for all activities within the laboratory including maintaining the cleanliness of the laboratory.
  • Forbidden to bring items / objects from space of Experimental Animals Laboratory, Faculty of Medicine Diponegoro without the permission of the coordinator of the laboratory.
  • Users are required to report to the coordinator of the Laboratory if it was done performs research and return all borrowed tools for laboratory workers at least 1 (one) week after its use is finish.
  • If there are tools and laboratory items damaged or lost during the use of a laboratory, then the user must replace it with the same quantity and quality.
  • If there are equipment of laboratory the damage can be repaired, then the user can fix so that the equipment can function normally.
  • users laboratory is not allowed to duplicate, borrow, or lend the keys to someone else without permission laboratory coordinator.
  • If the user is working in a laboratory outside working hours, the user must obtain permission beforehand laboratory coordinator and charged according to applicable regulations.
  • The maximum number of people who were inside the laboratory is 5-6 people at the same time, please turn if you want to check or routine observation.
  • For users of Experimental Animals Laboratory disciplinary breaches will be sanctioned research license revocation and / or penalties in accordance with prevailing regulations.