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Semarang – Student Nature Lovers (WAPEALA) Diponegoro University as a place for students UNDIP to activities in the outdoors have a various expertise to support these activities. One of them is the SRT expertise (Single Rope Technique). Not only climbing, sports vertical media is starting be competed since a few years ago. As evidence of Universities consistent in holding SRT competition, Unisbank Semarang organized 2nd annual event “Mapalast SRT Competition IV “. An activity that combines sport, academic, and environmental awareness. In addition to SRT competition also organized a National Seminar with the focus of Karst Regions (chalk) Gombong starting touched by the Cement factory.

The competition, which was held during two days (27-28 August 2016) at the Campus Unisbank Semarang has interested 80 participants from various regions, namely Palembang, Banjarmasin, Jakarta, Surabaya, Yogyakarta, Semarang, and much more. Eighty participants are divided into categories of students male/ female, and student male/ female. Mapalast as an organizer in cooperation with several Mapala and ASC (Acyntyacunyata Speleological Club). From WAPEALA UNDIP send 3 participants Heharero Tesar (FISIP 2015), Annisa Chairany (FEB 2014), and Nur Anisa (FSM 2015).

Nur Anisa FSM Students, UNDIP 2015 the Department of Mathematics from Temanggung as the only representative of WAPEALA who pass the preliminary stages that leaves 16 participants. Although a time of 10’35 “20 in the preliminary round was not too obtrusive, but Nur Anisa who is often called” Upin “could survive until the final round. In the semi-finals, Nur Anisa faced with Aoda Putri Rosdiana of Wapalhi POLINES. While in the final round, Nur Anisa faced with Ayuni Wulandari from Mapa Gunadarma, Jakarta. Ayuni Wulandari is often called “Cen cen” is the defending champion at the MSC III 2014 and SRT Rimpala Competition held at the Faculty of Forestry, IPB.

At the beginning of seizure of 1st champion, Nur Anisa could offset Ayuni the climb a vertical line. However, at the last second Nur Anisa left behind in the installation of lines down. For Nur Anisa is still the youngest member Wapeala, this achievement is a great achievement. It was all thanks to the support of ALB (Member exceptional) Wapeala is has been educating Nur Anisa 4 months ago. For Nur Anisa, the key is not to panic, focused, and confident. For Nur Annisa, the key is not to panic, focused, and convinced. However, one thing became her deficiencies is lack of exercise.

After winning this competition, Nur Anisa will also be a delegation UNDIP athletes in the expedition of exploration and data collection on Manusela Karst region. The name of this activity is “Diponegoro Moluccas Expedition” is located in the area of Api Lima, Manusela National Park, Seram Island, Maluku province.