UNDIP Student Brings All Award in 13th Hokkaido Indonesia Scientific Meeting (HISAS 13) Japan

UNDIP Student Brings All Award in 13th Hokkaido Indonesia Scientific Meeting (HISAS 13) Japan

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Hokkaido Indonesia Scientific Meeting (HISAS) is an event every year organized by the Indonesian Students Association (PPI) Hokkaido in Japan. In this year HISAS the theme “Science Development for Humanity, Food Security, and Prosperity” was held on 5-6 March 2016 at Hokkaido University, Sapporo, Japan.

In this event, all of the participants came from several universities in Asian, from Indonesia such as UNDIP, ITS, UGM, UB, IPB and UI. In addition there are also participants from Taiwan and Japan. UNDIP itself has four teams that participated in this event, the two teams are from the Chemical Engineering Department, one team comes out of the Physics Department, and one team came from the Department of Electrical Engineering.

The team from electrical engineering department get an appreciation for the best paper award awardee. In this team consists of Harry Stars Primary Muhammad, Muhammad Arief Fatkhurrahman, and Arif Munandar derived from S1 majoring in Electrical Engineering Department 2013.

Research topics raised in this HISAS event on engineering and future technology. In the study, Harry and his team conduct research on methods of finding parking for motor vehicles by utilizing a system based IOT (Internet of Things). Use of the system is intended to reduce the search time of congestion in the parking area. This system is integrated with a smartphone or laptop to provide information to the driver to find an empty parking area nearby. Even the driver can make reservations park through applications on their smartphones. The process can be done by creating an integrated network of sensors, servers, and end-users (smartphones) said Harry.

One another team that from the chemical engineering department was also awarded the best presentation awardee. By raising the research title that Modification of Cassava Flour with Lactic Acid and Ethanol in UV Rotary Dryer for Increase the Value of Baking Expansion successfully deliver Nizar and Rodi get the best presentation award awardee.

On that occasion, the UNDIP team get all the nominations awards in this event held on the cherry country. Harry as one representative contingent of UNDIP hopes that more students may UNDIP to produce product and is able to be applied that can benefit people’s lives.