Researchers of UNDIP Handling MDR Pathogens Bacterial Infections

Researchers of UNDIP Handling MDR Pathogens Bacterial Infections

UNDIP Researcher, Dr. Agus Trianto. ST .. MSc., Endang Sri Lestari., Dr., PhD and Prof. Drs. Ocky Karna R, M.Sc, Ph.D successfully handling MDR bacterial infections. This was discovered in the study “Antibacterial Compounds of symbiont fungus Sponges For Combating Infection Pathogens MDR (Multidrug Resistant)”.

However, Pathogenic bacterial resistance to conventional drugs is a serious problem for world health today. MDR pathogens should be addressed with new antibiotics with different modes of action of the drug before. Indonesian marine biodiversity has a very high source of antibacterial compounds. Hundreds of antibacterial compounds have been isolated, but the majority of these compounds failed to reach the application stage as a medicine because of the availability of raw materials. Chemical synthesis widely applied to produce simple compounds, but it is not economical for compound with many stereo center.

In addition, the previous studies have succesfully isolated symbiont fungus capable of producing antibacterial compounds MDR. Compounds produced by fungi that are capable of killing Staphylococcus aereus and Escherichia coli MDR varieties, so the potential to be developed into raw materials for drugs to combat deadly infections because there is no cure. So we strive to produce antibacterial drugs MDR (fitofarmaka standarized and compounds Pure) and a production method via fermentation economical.

Technology Excellence

  • Antibacterial compounds produced by microbial symbionts, it can be produced in large enough quantities.
  • Can be developed into a commercial drug standardized form of herbal medicine or drug pure compounds (drugs).

Benefits and Value Added Products

  • Discovering of new antibiotic compounds from marine organisms would be very useful for the development of science in Indonesia, particularly related to the field of medical science, biochemistry, chemical synthesis and microbiology and marine fields.
  • Saving foreign exchange.
  • Improving the standard of public health.

Potential Users Products

  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Doctors