UNDIP Send 3668 Students for KKN Program

UNDIP Send 3668 Students for KKN Program

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Today, Rector of Undip, Prof. Dr. Yos Johan Utama, SH, M. Hum, sends 3668 students included in the first team of academic year of 2016/2017 for implementing KKN Program, that are located at 8 districts namely Kab. Jepara, Pati, Temanggung, Semarang, Kendal, Batang, Pekalongan and Pemalang.

This activity involves 102 lecturers and 8 coordinators. KKN program is a form of education by providing learning experiences for students to interact with the community outside the campus, identify problems and help people in developing their area.

According to the Head P2KKN, Ir. Edy Prasetyo MS said that KKN program will be held for 42 days, starting from 9 January 2017 until February 21, 2017, which in the first week will be used by students to survey / field observation.

“The main point of KKN program is Learning Community Empowerment (PPM) with a proportion multidisciplinary program: monodisciplinary is 2: 2” he said. “Which means that each team of students of KKN program in the village shall undertake two multidisciplinary program and each student is also required to make the two programs in accordance with scientific competence monodisciplinary” he explained.

“Program of multidisciplinary required to gain each group of students of KKN program in each village is data collection and analysis of SMEs, while the multidisciplinary program alternative other among others, Assistance Area Development Settlement (Bangkim), and System Provider Water (Spam) in order to support the infrastructure of the settlement ( cooperation with Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing. In addition, the establishment and strengthening Posdaya (cooperation with Yayasan Dana Sejahtera Mandiri) as well as programs of other relevant choice “Edy added.Besides, multidisciplinary and monodisciplinary Program, students as participants of KKN program is also very possible to implement programs that manifold socio-communal nature depends on the circumstances of villages / districts respectively. The Implementation of the departure or withdrawal KKN program this time is different from previous years. Students this time facilitated by the University Bus to transport the student to the location as well as trucks to transport the motor of the students. “It is given as to minimize the occurrence of accidents, it seems ever experienced on previous learning activities” said Edy. Rector also adviced to all students to be able to always carry himself, always be cautious, keep the good name of the institution in performing this service learning program. “Hopefully, the result of KKN program will encorage students having insight and concern for the environment for building country.