Scholarship Bidikmisi For graduate SMA / SMK / MA Year 2017

Scholarship Bidikmisi For graduate SMA / SMK / MA Year 2017

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Bidikmisi is tuition assistance for students finishing their studies and have good academic potential to study in college on excellent courses to graduate on time.

Scholarship Bidikmisi is very helpful for increasing achievement and supporting academic climate. It also increasing the quality of university. Due to the scholarship recipients Bidikmisi have achievements to be proud of (an average GPA above 3), so as to improve the performance or quality of university.

Not only that, the non-academic achievements of students Bidikmisi also very proud; recorded more than 5 students successfully passed the selection becomes Bidikmisi Student Achievement Finalists national level since 2013-2016. In addition, some students Bidikmisi also won medals in the National Student Science Week (PIMNAS), winning various competitions authorship national to international level.

Meanwhile, the target of Bidikmisi Scholarship program is graduate SMA / SMK / MA or other equivalent forms in 2016 and 2017 were not capable economically and have good academic potential

Scholarship Bidikmisi 2017 is already opened now.

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To guide who may apply can be found in the Guide bidikmisi address