UNDIP Prepare Class of Cooperation with Suara Merdeka

UNDIP Prepare Class of Cooperation with Suara Merdeka

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Diponegoro University and Suara Merdeka prepare for the implementation of cooperation in the fields of education, human resources, and technology. Teams from both organizations have been discussing the details of the preparation and technical implementation to realize such cooperation. Undip team led by Vice Rector III Budi Setiyono discuss the details of the steps embodiment collaboration with the team led by CEO Suara Merdeka Network Kukrit SW, Thursday, January 19, 2017 in Rector’s room.

One program is a study prepared Printing Technology, which is one of applied science has not developed a full academic in Indonesia.

The development plan will be woven up to five to ten years into the future and will grade this cooperation can develop as a full educational entities. In addition, support professionals and competent owned Suara Merdeka will be a powerful force that can share knowledge and experiences.

In addition to class of cooperation, Undip and Suara Merdeka synergical promote programs of Undip Career Center (UCC) and Undip Business and Entrepreneur Career (UBEC) as an icon of entrepreneurship in Central Java, Indonesia.