Inauguration of Two Professors of Faculty of Humanities

Inauguration of Two Professors of Faculty of Humanities

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Saturday, on 25th of March, 2017, UNDIP inaugurates two Professors from Faculty of Humanities, named Professor Agus Maladi Irianto, majoring  Indonesian Literature  and Professor  Yetty Rochwulaningsih, majoring in History.

Speaking in front of audiences, Prof. Agus Maladi convey issue tittled Media and Culture : Challenges of Antrophology to Read  a World Contemporary . According to him, reading Indonesia today is televisi present much gossip and sensation. It seems to be compete quickly with social media to spread out incitement and anger. Reading Indonesia today like living in the world that running quickly. It’s so difficult to distinguish between public area and domestic area. Media construction , both mainstream media and social media has created provocation today.

Further, he said that antropology is science that discuss about human culture that explain society development of human of contemporary in postmodern era. It also discuss about culture phenomena which is changing quickly.

Meanwhile, Prof. Yetty Rochwulaningsih speaks issue titled “Dismantle Injustice Structural in salt business through Prespective of sosiology and history to create prosperity for salt farmers and Self-Supporting of national salt production.

Further, she stated that basically the idea is encouraged by concern in traditional salt sector that is unable being “king” in own country, even being “prey” many big class businessmen for getting big profit by inflicting a financial loss the traditional salt farmers.

“In this case, goverment as regulator also contribute to complexity of salt case. Hence, many salt farmers are getting loss. Of course it makes Indonesia is difficult to create Self-Supporting for national salt production”, she said.

Speaking in the event, Rector of Diponegoro University, Prof. Yos Johan Utama appreciates for the ideas that are presented. Further he said that many more professors that we have, it will make UNDIP more qualified. So that, UNDIP will be well known at global.