Workshop of Standardization for Website of Undip

Workshop of Standardization for Website of Undip

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Generally, website has some functions for university, such as : promotion, information and communication. It also influences for ranking. Undip has website in each units and faculties, but not standard yet. Hence, Undip carry out wokshop for standardization for website of Undip.

The event was held at Hotel of Grasia Semarang on 22th May 2017. It was officially opened by Vice-Rector for Communication and Business, Budi Setiyono,S.Sos.,M.Pol.Admin.,Ph.D. As speakers in the event, Dr. Istadi,ST.,MT., Dr. Aries Puji Widodo,S.Si.,MT., Joko Saksono, S.Kom., Wahyu Setiyadi, S.Kom. and guest speaker is Widyawan, M.Sc.,Ph.D. as Director of System and Resource of Information (DSSDI) of Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta.

There are some issues that are discussed in the workshop, namely : web view for ranking, standardization of Undip website, preparation for Undip website management, strategy for World Class Web University Rangking and standard template for Undip website.

Basically, website that having influence for ranking, is Web University Rangking. As Widyawan said that “now, people are smart, they will look for more information about university that they want to, including ranking of university, of course”. Further, he said that Web Rangking University having roles to motivate university to have web presence more better, identify volume and quality of content, and to measure the performance of Technology Information Communication (TIK) of university.

Meanwhile, there are some criterions for ranks, such as : presence, is a scale that identify number of page in a domain or subdomain and number of rich file also (pdf, word, ppt, etc.), visibility, is number of subnet for resource for backlink to university’s domain, openness/transparency, is number of citation, and excellency/scholar, is number of papers that are in top 10% most cited in 26 knowledge field. The management of website will run well if it is supported by three factors, named : Technology that is handled by IT team, Content that is handled by Public Relations, and Governance that support financially.

The workshop was closed by designing a template for standardization of Undip website. Hopefully, website that is already standard, supporting by quality content and a lot of volume will support branding Undip and increase webometric and other ranking also.