Using “BAYANGKURA”, Supports People for  Planting Medicinal Plants and Love “Wayang”

Using “BAYANGKURA”, Supports People for  Planting Medicinal Plants and Love “Wayang”

Indonesia has much biodiversities, one of them is Medicinal plants are rich in benefits. Unfortunately, people prefer consuming chemical drugs than traditional drugs. Hence,Tim PKM-K Diponegoro University with leader of team Syahilla Efriana (Public Health 2014), the members : Deo Reynaldo Alwi (Technic 2014), Dinda Fidela Putri (Economics and Business 2014), Yanu Andria Sucianto (Livestock and Farming 2014) and Diina UI Qoyyima (Public Health 2015) give good solution by creating product called “BAYANGKURA”.

BAYANGKURA (Boneka Wayang Hortikultura Biofarmaka) is an environmentally friendly products that using sawdust as growing media for seeds of medicinal plants which is packaged in the form of  “wayang” that having of educational value. As we know that “wayang” is one of famous masterpiece of Indonesia. Then, educational value that are given from “BAYANGKURA” are how to plant and take care medicinal plant, and benefits of them is suitable to the characteristics of the puppet shape.

The creative products that are produced such as : wheatgrass, oregano, parsley, red basil. Then, the variation of puppet shapes are Arjuna and Srikandi. BAYANGKURA is free of chemicals and safe for children. It is an alternative toy for children for educate, trainning and imagination. For teenager and adult, BAYANGKURA is good souvenir that are giving good education how to plant a medicinal plant and its benefits.

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