Undip Accept 11.630 New College Students

Undip Accept 11.630 New College Students

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Diponegoro University formally accept 11.630 new college students for period 2017/2018, consists of Doctoral program 176 persons, Magister program 1.093 persons, Specialist 117 persons, Profession 25 persons, bachelor 7.990 persons, Diploma and 8 foreign college students from Madagaskar, Siera Leon, Palestine and Africa. Today, totally  48.018 college studentswho study in Diponegoro University.

Speaking in the Open Senate Meeting of admission ceremony of new college students, August 7, that was held in Stadium Undip, Vice Rektor for Academic and Student Affairs, Prof. Muhammad Zainuri said that Undip is one of the best universities in Indonesia, that is accredited A or excellent. Undip itself is the fourth favourite university in Indonesia.

There are some selection programs that was held for admission in Diponegoro University, namely Seleksi Nasional Masuk Perguruan Tinggi (SNMPTN), Seleksi Bersama Masuk Perguruan Tinggi (SBMPTN), Seleksi Bibit Unggul Berprestasi (SBUB), Internasional Undergraduate Program (IUP), PSSB for Diploma 3, local selection for Diploma 3 and Diploma 4, and Cooperation Program. Also, Undip accept new college studens of Affirmation program from Papua, West Papua and 3 T (Terdepan, Terluar dan Tertinggal).

Meanwhile, Rector of Diponegoro University, Prof. Yos Johan Utama said that anyone who can fulfill the criterions, can study in Diponegoro University. People with special needs are also can study in Diponegoro University, if they passed the admission selection.

Rector stated that the “bullying” or “plonco” is forbidden. Undip will give academic punishment for senior who breaks the rules. “New college students are new family that we should respect, so that they will feel comfort study in campus”, he said.