Public Lecture with Muhaimin Iskandar

Public Lecture with Muhaimin Iskandar

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The Chairman of The National Revival Party (PKB), Muhaimin Iskandar delivered public lecture tittled “ Membumikan Pancasila dan Islam Rahmatan Lil Alamin dalam Sistem dan Lanskap Politik Nasional dan Daerah” at Auditorium Fisip Undip, 30 August. The public lecture are attended by Minister of Research, Technology and Higher Education, M. Nasir, Minister of Rural PDTT, Eko Sandjojo, Minister of Labor, Hanif Dhakiri, and Minister of Youth and Sports, Imam Nahrowi.

Muhaimin Iskandar explained that grounding Islam rahmatan lil alamin in lanscape of national politics and region having strong relevance to implement Pancasila to overcome the national problems.”Teoritically, it is relation between Islam and politics that both of them having same purpose, are justice and welfare”, he said.

Meanwhile, Dean of Fisip Undip, Sunarto said the event itself is Undip’s effort to appreciate national figure, is Muhaimin Iskandar who is still young, but succeed to be a chairman of party.

Further, Sunarto said, “ Republic direction is determined by 10 people, one of them is : chairman of political party, one of them is Muhaimin Iskandar. His gait in politics to be guidance, because he does a teological democration, his tesis is about religion and nation can not be separated. He appreciates pluralism much, Islam is described as national Islam. Hopefully, the public lecture will lead young generation to think in global, not stuck on narrow prespective”.

Rector of Diponegoro University, Prof. Yos Johan Utama stated that Undip has already to be fortress for Pancasila. “Mars song of Undip which was created in 70’s has cointained lyrics which shows high value of Pancasila. When some univerities erase study of Pancasila in campus, but Undip encourge lecturer to deliver study of Pancasila in early semester. Muhaimin delivered his new ide and contruction that religion and state has to be sinergy. It showed by teological democration is new issue that can be implemented in Indonesia. The existence of Islam in state as rahmatan lil alamin as a mercy for people in the world”, he said.