Undip was Awarded Two Professors

Undip was Awarded Two Professors

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Diponegoro University (UNDIP) officially inaugurated Dr. Eko Soponyono, SH.MH from the Faculty of Law and Ir. Muslim, M.Sc, Ph.D from the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences as a professor on Saturday (9/9). Inauguration was done in 6th floor Pascasarjana building, Peleburan. On his inaugural speech, Dr.Eko Soponyono SH.MH delivered his scientific oration titled Hikmah AlQuran in the Renewal of Criminal Laws to Achieve Religious Justice. Meanwhile, Ir.Muslim, delivered an inaugural speech entitled Radio Nuklida laut (Nuclear in the Sea); Source, Distribution and Its Impact on Life.

According to Eko, the basic idea of ​​his dissertation was developed from the first Sila of Pancasila, Ketuhanan Yang Maha Esa. Wisdom in the Qur’an includes 3 matters related to the draft of the renewal of the penal law. 3 matters is the noble character, forgiveness  and religious justice.

“Insya Allah by doing renewal based on Quranic values ​​as mentioned in Surah An Nahl and An Nissa; 135, for example, Justice manifested in Indonesia is justice based on the value of the religious values” said this Undip criminal expert.

Meanwhile Ir. Muslim explain that after World War II several countries have conducted a test of nuclear weapons in the sea that produce artificial (anthropegenic) radioactive wastes. The radionuclide elements present in the ocean will be spread globally, especially those that are conservative (easily soluble) due to global currents. Even thoughIndonesia does not have nuclear weapons and power plants, marine waters can not be separated from the waste, with proven detection of elements of 137Cs, Sediments and marine organisms in some beaches in Indonesia.

“Nevertheless the Indonesian sea is still safe, because the activity of 137Cs in the sea of ​​Indonesia is still relatively low”concluded of FPIK Undip lecturer who also graduated from Aquaculture Engineering, Pukyong National, South Korea.

Rector of Diponegoro University, Prof.Dr.Yos Johan Utama, SH.M.Hum., proudly appreciated for achievement that both professor gained. He said that become a great teacher is very difficult. In his speech, the Rector explained that Undip is being undertaken acceleration program of its professors with various programs such as mentoring research writing and international publications and also assistance in funding his research.

“In this year Undip provides research fund of about 44 billion to boost the number of international publications and will be increased to 60 billionfor the next year to produce a professional and competent graduates”, he added.

Meanwhile, the Chairman of the Academic Senate of Undip, Prof.Sunarso explained the Professor’s criteria, is Permanent Professor, Non permanent Professors and NIDK’s Professor. Undip has awarded 5 Professors this year, and soon there will be 14 new professors in Undip. Undip is very committed to encourage the acceleration of professors in order to maintain the quality of education and reputation of Undip as a research university in Indonesia. Currently the Faculty of Law has 15 active Professors, and the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Science has 13 active Professors.

“Prof.Eko Soponyono is the first Professor of NIDK owned by Undip and Prof Muslim is the 14th Professor of Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences Undip” he explained. With the addition of these two professors, Undip has a total number of active professors of 108 people.