Undip Facilitate College Students to be Enterpreneur

Undip Facilitate College Students to be Enterpreneur

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Undip facilitate college students to be young enterpreneur by conducting program titled “Alumni Mengajar”. “The program aims to transfer the Alumni’s knowledge and experience to participants. So that, they can apply the knowledge which they’ve already got to be young enterpreneur”, said Vice Rector of Communication and Business, Budi Setiyono,S.Sos.,M.Pol.Admin, Ph.D., in opening program of “Alumni Mengajar” at FISIP Undip, September 14.

He added that Undip prepare graduates based on their interest and skill, that is to be job seeker and job creator. In order to facilitate the job seekers, Undip has Undip Career Center (UCC) to help them to find a job. Meanwhile, for job creators are handled by Directorate of Communication and Alumni Relationship collaboration with Alumni in managing Undip Community Business.

Attendding as Speakers in “Alumni Mengajar”, Mr. Dwi Setiawan from BPK, alumni of Accounting, Faculty of Economy and Business Undip. Then, Mr. Joko Setyanto as  a Businessman, alumni of Civil Engineering, Diponegoro University.

Speaking in the event, Mr. Dwi Setiawan explained about how we prepare ourselves to face work competition. Meanwhile, Mr. Joko Setyanto speaking about tips for handling own business. “The reason that conduct us to be businessman is economical development is growing rapidly. There are some conditions that we have to prepare, such as : interest, experience, community, organization and spirit. Then, important things that we need to handle own business are partner, specification, capital, networking and innovation”, he added.