Find the Smart Heart Detector Tool, Ready to Germany

Find the Smart Heart Detector Tool, Ready to Germany

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Five Undip students Christian M.T Sinaga, Kawidian Putri Bayu Alam, Mariana Tampubolon, Nurwarrohman Andre Sasongko, and Hizroh Rochmah Tulloh created the SAD-Heart / Smart Alert Detection of Heart. These five students are delegates from NASAFOR (Nano Science Forum) who will follow the international level competition in Nuremberg Germany on 2-5 November 2017 on iENA International Trade Fair Ideas Inventions Germany 2017 event. NASAFOR is Diponegoro University forum which is engaged in research and technology realm. This forum train students to have ability for critical thinking, LKTI making, busines plan, and research to support student softskill. Currently NASAFOR is being developed into a Student Activity Unit at Diponegoro University.

As a leader of team, Christian M.T Sinaga explains that the working system of this tool is to detect heart rate velocity and ECG graphics from the heart.

“The advantages of this tool is portable. It can be used anytime and  anywhere. This tool is connected to the user’s family and to the hospital. The purpose of this tool is to prevent the occurrence of potential sudden death from heart attack. The tool is useful for all people both healthy and potensial having heart attack. For healthy people, this application provides various information and education to have a healthy heart. For people who have suffered a heart attack this tool will be a reminder alarm when the heart is in a weak, unstable and potentially to sudden death, “he said.

“The action mechanism of this tool  will give sensor sounds when heart beats of people affected by heart attacks is weak, so that, give a sign to the nearest hospital and application can be installed to each family phone quickly. SAD-Heart is also equipped with an alarm, so it can sound and take over the attention of the people around the person to immediately provide first aid. “Chistian added.

Vice Chairman, Kawidian Putri Bayu Alam added that the preparation has been done up to now is to develop research of SAD-Heart tool in making EKG which will then be worn on the chest and pulse hearth sensor mounted in the form of watch which serves to measure the speed of pulse.

In order to give protection, this invention will be submited for patents right soon. Previously this tool has been awarded by gold medal in the The 4th International Young Inventors Award, an annual event held by the agency IFIA (International Federation of Inventors Association). This year IYIA’s activities are held at Mercu Buana University, Jakarta on September 22 – 23 September 2017. “She said.

Kawidian hopes that with the creation of this product is to reduce morbidity and sudden death from heart attacks. Society can also get education related to how to keep the heart to stay healthy, as a preventive and  promotive effort in preventing death from heart attack. Our hope later in following this iENA event is certainly able to bring good results and bring the best for Indonesia. in addition we also hope to get networking from companies and professors from abroad. By joining to competition, hopefully can motivate other young researchers to develop innovations in creating new things in research and motivated to bring the name of our college,  because our college is very supportive of college students in creating and making innovations for Indonesia.

Rector of Diponegoro University, Prof. Yos Johan Utama  said that their research is one example of research that can be continued, for that Undip will help take care of this SAD-Heart patent.