American Political Expert Gave Studium Generale Lecture in Diponegoro University

American Political Expert Gave Studium Generale Lecture in Diponegoro University

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Executive Director of Wyoming Democratic Party, Political Campaign Manager and Political Communication Expert Aimee Van Cleave gave a studium generale lecture to students of Magister of Political Science (Magister Ilmu Politik – MIP) of Diponegoro University, Thursday (January 4, 2018), at campus of Postgraduates of Diponegoro University in Pleburan, Semarang.

In the studium generale, Aimee Van Cleave explained his experiences of accompanying some politicians in United States. He also told about political parties in US and how to organize political campaign in an election.

Head of MIP Study Program, DR. Teguh Juwono appreciated to Aimee Van Cleave, whom gave her lecture to the studium generale at Postgraduates Magister of Political Science of Diponegoro University. Teguh said that students can also use the studium generale for developing their knowledges and can be additional input for their papers.

“Aimee also talked about political parties’ culture, including how money politics was taking place in US elections and its political life. Also, political campaign in US has strongly relied on voluntarism. Political parties’ volunteers did not take payment, and they based on activities of community politics. However, political campaign in US is still high cost. Beside relying on voluntarism, it is also depending on big companies’ contributions. They also used the rich candidates for supporting their political campaigns. Therefore, while US politics did not know votes-trading like Indonesia, their political parties still need a very big budget for campaign,” said Teguh.

The studium generale was attended by lecturers, political experts of FISIP Undip (Faculty of Social and Political Science of Diponegoro University),  students from study programs of  public administration and political science.