Diponegoro University Works With Netherland for Sustainable Coastal Areas

Diponegoro University Works With Netherland for Sustainable Coastal Areas

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Netherland’s Delegates visited Diponegoro University, Monday (January 29, 2018), to discuss a cooperation for sustainable coastal areas in Central Java.

“Diponegoro University welcomes to Kingdom of Netherlands’ delegates. This is an effort to make each other closer and to introduce institution of sustainable coastal zone as well as to socialize its developments,” said Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Ir. Ambariyanto, M.Sc., in a welcoming ceremony for Netherlands delegates at Rectorate Hall, Tembalang, on Monday. Some academicians, marine experts from Holland, and representatives of Marine Service of Central Java Provincial Government attended the ceremony.

“Diponegoro University hopes the cooperation will also include to develop and to improve education, healthcare, and others,” said the Vice Rector of Diponegoro University.

Jon, a Dutch delegate, said that sustainable coastal zones are tough as it faces a natural and human-factor induction process; productive as it supports coastal economic activities; diversity as it include ecological, urban landscape, economic, and social factors; interesting; and health.

Jon also explained the team’s observation of some critical issues like sea intrusion, abrasion, sedimentation, flood, mangrove deforestation, land subsidence, law enforcement, and public awareness.

He said, the Netherlands delegate’s objective is to develop a Netherlands and Indonesia (Central Java Province) cooperation to support provincial government in formulating ToR (terms of references) of coastal zones management programms and to discuss with major stakeholders.