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A Contest of Multipurpose Building Design Ideas at Diponegoro University

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The Diponegoro University Multipurpose Buildings (GSG) Design Idea Competition is a collaboration between Diponegoro University and the Association of Indonesian Architects of Central Java Province. This competition was held with the aim of getting innovative, creative and applicative design results in this case the Facilities in the Educational Area.

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Rector: Maintaining Integrity Is the Key to Being a Great Nation

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154th Graduation of Diponegoro University

Diponegoro University in its 154th graduation period graduated 1,938 of its students, consisting of 24 doctors, 371 Masters, 32 specialists, 202 professors, 1,184 Bachelor students and 125 people with 22 recipients of the scholarship program on Thursday (3/5) in the Prof. Soedarto building, SH, Undip Tembalang campus.

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153rd Graduation, Undip Successfully Graduating 2,203 Students

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Diponegoro University Rector (Undip) Prof. Yos Johan Utama graduated 2,203 people, consisting of 28 doctors, 307 Masters, 51 specialists, 270 professors, 1,377 graduates and 170 people, Tuesday (1/29) in Prof. Soedarto Building, SH Undip Tembalang.

The number of graduates consisted of 917 men and 1,286 women.

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Undip Faculty of Engineering Targets More Intellectual Property Rights in the Industrial Age 4.0

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To support the government’s program of “Making Indonesia 4.0” in increasing innovations and creating ecosystems supporting innovations in the Industrial Era 4.0, Faculty of Engineering, Diponegoro University (Undip), on 4 – 5 December 2018 at GKU Dean Building, Faculty of Engineering

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Undip-UPGRIS Emphasized the Importance of Teacher and Lecturer Protection

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Diponegoro University (Undip) together with UPGRIS and Central Java Chapter of PGRI (Indonesia Association of Teachers) emphasized the importance of protecting teachers and lecturers. It is mentioned at the “National Seminar on the Protection of Teachers, Lecturers and Students in Harmony with the Education World” on Monday (11/26/2018), at Santika Premiere Hotel, Semarang.

Undip Rector Prof. Yos Johan Utama said that education is a pillar and essence of a nation.

“Up or down of a nation is determined by teachers. It will be very dangerous if the teachers does not want to educate anymore, because many cases of high-spirit educating teachers brought to the court. Therefore, we must protect teachers, lecturers and students to make the teaching and learning process better. We also have to restore the dignity of teacher as the one who is followed and imitated (by their students),” he said.

Prof. Yos said, the seminar was a follow-up step of FGD (Focus Group Discussion) on protecting lecturers and teachers on couple weeks ago. It was also an effort to complement a RPP which will be proposed to government.**

Undip FSM Emerges Building of “Asyntia Prasada” Post-Graduate

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SEMARANG-  Diponegoro University (Undip) Semarang will build six floors building for Study Program of Magister and Doctoral of Faculty of Science and Math. The building named “Asyntia Prasada” was started to be built on July 2018 and will be finished by the end of March 2019.

That is said by Representative of PPK FSM Ir. Baskoro Rochaddi, M.T when he led cornerstone laying ceremony of the building at Undip FSM

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