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Diponegoro University is Opening Scholarship Admission for Master Degree

Diponegoro University (Universitas Diponegoro–Undip) is opening scholarship admission for master degree program by research for overseas (South and Southeast Asia students).

Applicants can apply via

The scholarship will cover:
– Tuition fee
– Travel cost
– Partial living cost
– Research cost under supervisors’ research project scheme.

Please kindly circulate this information to as wide audience as possible.

On Inauguration of New Students, Rector: Undip Is Populist Campus

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A total of 11,381 best children of nation were admitted by Diponegoro University (Undip) as new students on 2018-19 academic year. The new students, who consist of 140 students of doctoral program, 964 students of Magister program, 142 students of Specialist program, 16 students of

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Undip’s Physics Students Create A Super Destilation For Solving Water Crisis

These students’ achievement make us proud. Three Diponegoro University (Undip)’s physics students make an innovation named Desper (Super Destilation). Hani Ma’rufah and her two friends, Ragil Adi Nugroho and Lana Milatul Khusna, created a device for purifying or reducing salinity in sea water to produce freshwater with low salt concentration.

“We know the facts that problem of fresh water scarcity is still happening in coastal areas and it increases as population grows, whereas fresh water is an important basic need for people,” Hani said.

“It is need much efforts to provide clean water, both in large and small scale, to maintain people health, particularly in coastal areas. It has been knowing some water processings of sea water to be clean water, such as reverse osmosis, electrodialysis, transmembrane-distillation and evaporation. However, weakness of the methods is high cost. Therefore, we make Super Destilation where the device has same function but ut is lower cost,” she said.

The 19-year old female student explained that Desper is based on convex lens,  Ag doped ZnO photocatalyst, and solar powered heater. Convex lens is to focus radiation of sunlight and to accelerate destilator heating so process of sea water evaporation can go on faster. Ag doped ZnO is to maintain quality of destilated water by process of photocatalysing for reducing heavy metals level and for killing bacteria. Hydrophilicity of Ag doped ZnO is able to accelerate motion falling water into the container so that it minimizes condensed water to fall back into the evaporator.

“We hope the Desper can reduce problem of clean water scarcity in coastal areas,” she said.

They needed three months to finish the Desper. The three students designed the device in Undip’s Physics Lab and are guided by lecturer Prof. Dr. Heri Sutanto, S.Si., M.Si.*

For further information, please reach:  +62 85876752580



Undip Rector : CSP Has To Make Contribution for Local People

A total of 3,623 students joint in Diponegoro University’s (Undip) Team II 2017/2018 Community Service Program (CSP) do their mission in 10 regencies of Central Java, and they participated in release ceremony on Tuesday (July 10, 2018) at Widya Puraya Square, Undip’s Tembalang Campus.

Undip Rector Prof. Yos Johan Utama in his speech said that students joint in CSP must be able to share inspiration, kindness, and examplary with local peopla. “You must be able to be Uswatun Khasanah (good model),” Rector said.

Rector added that while undergoing CSP, students need to make high-quality programs and added-values activities. “Students joint-in-CSP does not only make products labelling and packaging, but they have to give technology inspiring,” he said.

Meanwhile,  Chairman of Undip’s P2KKN  Dr.Edy Prasetyo explained that CSP is an educational method by giving students an experiential learning to make interaction with off-campus people and can directly identify peoples’ problems and assist them to solve problems of rural development in CSP areas,” he said.

“Undip’s CSP for Team II 2017/2018 will have been undergoing for 42 days, from July 10, 2018 to August 20, 2018, and involved 102 CSP lecturers and 10 coordinating lecturers,” he said.*

Undip’s Permata Preschool Held Family Day

Diponegoro University (Undip)’s Permata Preschool  held Family Day on Thursday (June 7, 2018) for making familiarity between parents, kids and teachers.

“The purpose of the Family Day, held by Undip’s Permata Preschool, is to make chumminess with children, and to encourage kids more excited, and to make interaction building self-confidence between children, parent, and teacher,” Headmaster of Undip’s Permata Preschool dra. Sri Sedyaningrum said in Family Day on Thursday (June 7, 2018).

Furthermore, Sri Sedyaningrum said that some teaching methods applied in the Permata Preschool include learning by activities, learning by game play, storytelling and listening to stories. She hoped that the future performance of teachers will increase and be more specific.

In her speech, Chairperson of Dharma Wanita Persatuan (DWP) Undip, Asih Budiastuti (Undip Rector Prof. Yos Johan Utama’s wife) said that preschooling has to be developed by incredible passion for gaining knowledge. “In the future preschool will be better, more exciting, and creating generation who will enlighten our future,” Asih Budiastuti said.

The Family Day was also enlivened by dance performances by the preschool’s pupils.*