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Undip Opens Summer Student Exchange Program

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Diponegoro University legally opens Summer Student Exchange Program, July 24 at Gedung Utama 2nd floor, Faculty of Humanities. The Opening Ceremony is attended by the Dean, Lecturer, college students. As a program inisiator, Ir. Didik Wisnu Widjajanto,M.Sc.,Ph.D.

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UNDIP Send 3668 Students for KKN Program

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Today, Rector of Undip, Prof. Dr. Yos Johan Utama, SH, M. Hum, sends 3668 students included in the first team of academic year of 2016/2017 for implementing KKN Program,

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The 3rd International Conference on Information Technology, Computer and Electrical Engineering (ICITACEE 2016)

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The conference entitled “2016, The 3rd International Conference on Information Technology, Computer, and Electrical Engineering (ICITACEE 2016)” provides a forum for

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Safety Seminar and Halal 2016: Call for Papers / participant

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Halal consortium of Central Java under the coordination Diponegoro University will hold a national seminar entitled Safety

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Undip make E-Learning Training for Lecturers

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Semarang University (Undip) Semarang organized an E-Learning Training for lecturers from various faculties in the Undip environment. This activity is located in Building ICT Center Undip and planned to last for three days, starting from Monday, May 23, 2016 and ends on Wednesday, May 25, 2016. The event was attended by 30 lecturers chosen was opened by Director of Learning Development and Academy Cooperation (DP2KA) Undip, Prof. Dr. Sutejo Kuwat Widodo.

Head of Information and Educational Technology of Undip, Dr. Aris Triwiyatno, ST. MT., explained that the E-Learning training aims to provide enrichment for the lecturers of Undip in order to make optimal use of information technology as a means of learning development. By using E-Learning applications Kulon Undip (Online Lecture Diponegoro University), lecturers and students are expected to interact and make the process of learning not only in the class, but also through the internet that is not limited by space and time. Lecturers can do face to face with the students participating in the study from anywhere in the world that can still be affordable Internet network via teleconference, and provide lecture material and online assignments. Similarly, all college participants could open room for discussion with lecturers and other college participants without having to sit together in one particular place.

Vice of Rector for Academic Affairs and Student Undip, Prof. Dr. Muhammad Zainuri, DEA is targeting that eventually all courses at the Diponegoro University will use E-Learning applications Kulon Undip to optimize the teaching-learning process. It is intended to maintain the quality of teaching and learning process at the Diponegoro University environment in order to make graduates Undip COMPLETE (Communicator, Professional, Leader, Educator, Thinker, and Entrepreneur) and JURALI (Honestly, Dare and Care).

Separately, Director of Data and Information Systems of Undip, Dr. Maman Somantri, ST. MT. expressed the readiness of IT technology and Undip server that will support the full implementation of E-Learning. All internet applications can be accessed via wifi connection or LAN network which has been prepared in all areas Undip environment, so that lecturers and students can access online college without spending a dime.

Law Faculty of Diponegoro University Held a Maritime Terrorism Seminar

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Maritime Terrorism Prevention needs to be done, referring to the citizen by the hostage in the Philippines. It is said by the Deputy Dean of the Undip Law Faculty Prof.Retno Saraswati at the National Seminar on “Maritime Terrorism” organized by the International Law of Undip Law Faculty, Thursday (12/5) at the Seminar Room of Undip Law Faculty.

“Maritime terrorism must be addressed because it can threaten the sovereignty of Indonesia” said Retno.

Law expert of Undip Prof. L. Tri Setyawanta said that maritime terrorism become a security issue in the region of the sea, and other criminal acts that occurred in the sea.

“Maritime terrorism is one of the forms and manifestations of terrorism by anyone at any time in any way that is done at sea, to sea, from the sea and by sea. In the development of the latest information technology, it is possible to occur maritime terrorism done by cyberterrorism from anywhere with a goal in the maritime area “he said.