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Rector: Graduates Have To Be Adaptive To Changes

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Diponegoro University’s graduates have to be adaptive to changes, as only adaptable nation will survive to face all changes. Rector Prof. Yos Johan Utama addressed it to 1,962 graduates in Graduation ceremony at Prof. Soedarto Hall, Diponegoro University campus, Tembalang, on Tuesday (January 23, 2018).

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Undip Accept 11.630 New College Students

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Diponegoro University formally accept 11.630 new college students for period 2017/2018, consists of Doctoral program 176 persons, Magister program 1.093 persons, Specialist 117 persons, Profession 25 persons, bachelor 7.990 persons, 

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Inauguration of Two Professors of Faculty of Humanities

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Saturday, on 25th of March, 2017, UNDIP inaugurates two Professors from Faculty of Humanities, named Professor Agus Maladi Irianto, majoring  Indonesian Literature  and Professor  Yetty Rochwulaningsih, majoring in History.

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UNDIP Inaugurate 2.177 Graduates

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Diponegoro University inaugurate 2.177 graduates at the 145th graduation ceremony in Building Prof.H. Soedarto, SH (24-26 January 2017).

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Drawing Skills Test Schedule New Student Candidate Undip Bachelor Degree of Architecture and Diploma 3 of Architectural Design, Faculty of Engineering 2016/2017 Academic Year

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Rector of Diponegoro University hereby announces to the name passed the selection as a candidate of new students Diponegoro University Bachelor Degree of Architecture and Diploma 3 of Architectural Design Faculty of Engineering Academic Year 2016/2017, obliged to carry out a drawing skills test with the provisions as specified in the announcement. Further information can be downloaded as follows:


jadwal-tes-gambar-arsitek-2016 72.77 KB

Magnitude Cost of Medical Check Up New Student Candidate Undip Diploma 3 Public Relations and Postgraduate Programs Academic Year 2016/2017

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Rector of the Diponegoro University , hereby announces the addition of the amount of the cost of medical check up to whose name passed the selection as the Diponegoro University  new students through PSSB Diploma 3 and UM

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