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Cost of Education Postgraduate Program Diponegoro University Academic Year 2016/2017

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Rector of Diponegoro University hereby announce the decree concerning Cost of Graduate Education Academic Year 2016/2017.

Please click HERE to download the decree.

Independent Test Activities 2016 Bachelor Degree Success

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Diponegoro University has successfully organized Independent Test Bachelor Degree held Saturday, June 4, 2016 attended by 21 415 participants from all provinces in Indonesia. Independent Test in this year was held simultaneously in 21 cities in Indonesia, among others: SEMARANG, JAKARTA, BEKASI, BANDUNG, SURABAYA, MEDAN, PEKAN BARU, BATAM, BANDAR LAMPUNG, BALIK PAPAN, BONTANG, DENPASAR, BANJARBARU, MAKASSAR, PALEMBANG, MATARAM, TANGERANG, CIBUBUR, YOGYAKARTA, JEPARA. Participants were very enthusiastic join Selection in order to fight Independent Test quota of 25% of Capacity in Undip. City of Semarang, Jakarta and Yogyakarta in a row as the most desirable place for the location of the test for the participants. Hopefully, by the selection activities simultaneously in Semarang’s Affairs will increase diversity Undip.

Medical Check Up Schedule for New Student Candidate Undip SNMPTN Line, PSSB D3, UM Postgraduate Phase 1 Academic Year 2016/2017

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Rector of Diponegoro University hereby announces to the name passed the selection as the new students through SNMPTN Diponegoro University, PSSB D3 and UM Postgraduate Phase 1 Academic Year 2016/2017 obliged to carry out a series of activities Medical Check Up predetermined schedule. For further information please download here.

Schedule Announcement Resignation of Medical Test New Student Candidate of Undip Academic Year 2016/2017

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Rector of the Diponegoro University announced the resignation announcement of the schedule of medical tests for new students Diponegoro University Academic Year 2016 / 2017. The announcement can be accessed on June 1, 2016 on the website or http: // reg or

undur-peng-jadwal-tes-kesehatan-2016 111.85 KB

Opening Study Program: Dentistry And Pharmacy Diponegoro University

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The academic Senate. The Rector of Undip (Prof. Dr. h. Major Johan Yos, SH, m. Hum.) in meetings of the limited academic Senate Tembalang campus this afternoon, Friday May 13, 2016, says that Undip have high committed to make and educate students. Diponegoro University Academic Senate Meeting, led by Chairman SA Undip today has approved the opening of two new courses. Prof. Dr. IR. Sunarso, M.S., as Chairman of the SA Undip explained that the course was opened are Dentistry and Pharmacy, under the auspices of the Undip Medicine Faculty .

Rector Undip said that both the study program is a study program that has been awaited by the public. ADMISSION OF NEW STUDENTS for both the study program through: Self Examination (UM), LEADING, and COOPERATION. MEDICAL FACULTY Undip currently headed by Prof. Dr. dr. Tri Nur Kristina, D.M.M., Kes. (Dean) and Chairman of Dentistry study program is Prof. Dr. drg. Oedijani, M.S. Support faculty and reliable infrastructure, including the National Hospital of Diponegoro (RSND) is ready to support the opening of two new courses said Prof. Dr. Ir. Muhammad ZAINURI, DEA, Vice Chancellor of Undip Academic Affairs.

For those interested to register as a new student in the study program DENTISTRY and PHARMACEUTICAL can look at Undip website: