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Groundbreaking for PKM Building and Parking Area

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Diponegoro University helds an event of groundbreaking for PKM Building of Faculty of Law and Integrated Parking Area on 14 July.

Rector of Diponegoro University, Prof. Yos Johan Utama, SH.,M.Hum., said that the buildment of PKM Building

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Undip Gives Appreciation to Police for Catching “Begal”

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Rector of Diponegoro University, Prof. Yos Johan Utama appreciates Police of Tembalang sector that successfully catched People who do the deprivation called “begal”. So that, it will enhance security surrounding campus Undip. Because

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IHC Youth As Containers Effective Obesity Prevention In Adolescents

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Department of Nutritional Sciences Faculty of Medicine, broke new ground in the field of community service as a form of activity Tri Darma University. Forms of community service activities that are sustainable communities need today with the empowerment model, and therefore the need to establish the Department of Nutritional Sciences IHC Teens who work with the SMA 1 and SMA 2 Semarang.

Establishment of the juvenile IHC based background of the problem as follows:

Nutrition is a crucial requirement for all people, including those for high school students. As teenagers undergoing puberty, high school students experiencing rapid growth resulting in increased nutritional needs. Increased nutritional requirements if it is not matched with diet and physical activity to eat will appear obese. The prevalence of obesity among adolescents continues to increase at this time. Obesity in adolescents may also lead to metabolic syndrome at an earlier age. This is due primarily shifting patterns of eating and physical activity. Health programs (sustainable) of the government, especially nutrition for teenagers not currently exist. To prevent the problem of obesity in high school students, required a continuous effort to improve the knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors of high school kids about good nutrition. For optimal results, these efforts need to involve the active participation of high school students as subjects. One effort that can be done is through the delivery of integrated health teenager. Preventive and promotive efforts realized through Posyandu adolescents with appropriate methods and concepts. Characteristics of adolescents is quite unique, which is characterized by attachment with peers (peer-group). Very strong peer influence on feeding behavior than the parents. Their closeness, openness, sense of shared destiny it is an opportunity to facilitate the establishment of nutritional ambassador as well as the driving agent of change IHC teenagers. This activity begins with socialization and coordination with the school, which includes the selection of the initial preparation ambassador nutrition, nutrition promotion media creation, assessment instruments, and then do the monitoring and evaluation.

Parties SMA 1 and SMA 2 is a pioneer partner posyandu formation of teenagers in the city of Semarang. School leaders and the whole range of its full support for the formation posyandu teenagers, as a new form of extra-curricular and became one of the flagship schools program in the field of health.

All technical support establishment of IHC teenager was sourced from the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education in 2016, through grants Science and Technology for Society.

Bids Instructional Materials Development Incentive Program and Guidelines Learning Approach Student Centered Learning (SCL)

In order to encourage innovative teaching methods in universities, Directorate of Education, Directorate General Education and Student 2016 to offer the lecturers in universities to follow Instructional Materials Development Incentive Program and Learning Guidelines year 2016.

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