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Undip Establishes Cooperation with Universities in Turkey

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Just recently, Diponegoro University has establishing cooperation with several universities in Turkey to strengthen the collaboration at the international level.

The Vice Rector for Academic and Student Affairs Budi Setiyono was assigned to join a team led by the president’s special envoy for Middle East and OIC, Dr. Alwi Sihab.

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Chung-Ang University (Korea) Collaborates with Undip

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Chung-Ang University Korea, have accepted a collaboration with Undip, Monday (2/9) in the Rector’s Meeting Room Undip Tembalang. The delegation from Chung-Ang University the Vice Rector for International Cooperation Jun-Hyun Hong.

Undip Rector, Prof. Yos Johan Utama, revealed that there will be

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Central Jawa Provincial Government’s KOMINFO Collaborates with Undip Vocational School to Develops Appropriate Technologies

The Head of Communication and Information Agency of Central Java Provincial Government, Riena Retnaningrum SH, have signed a collaboration agreement with Undip Vocational School Dean Prof. Budiono on developing appropriate technology for Kangung village, Demak Regency.

In Dean of the Undip Vocational School speech, Mr. Budiono said that the collaboration with the Central Java Provincial Government Communication and Information Technology was to develop an appropriate technology in agriculture, animal husbandry, fisheries and to optimizethe village’s potential,”he said.

He also added that this collaboration is part of the community service of the Undip Vocational School which is expected to be able to become a technology park and field laboratory for vocational school students and becoming a tourist village that can be used by foreign guests or students whom are visiting Central Java”, he said.

Meanwhile, the Head of Communication and Information Agency of Central Java Provincial Government, Riena Retnaningrum,SH, are welcoming the collaboration agreement with the Undip Vocational School. The Communication and Information Agency of Central Java Provincial Governmentpromised to fully support the collaboration.

“It is hoped that the technology transfer carried out by the Undip vocational school to the kangkung village community will results in a success.It will be able to raise the level of the economy of the local community so that the standard of living for the community will be getting better”, he concluded.

Improving The Electricity Competence of UNDIP’s Vocational School to Cooperate with PPSDN KEBTKE

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PPSDM KEBTKE collaborates with the Undip Vocational School to improve student competencies in the electricity sector. On Friday, March 22 2019, the Center for Human Resource Development, Electricity, New Energy, Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation (PPSDM KEBTKE) visited UNDIP’s Vocational School.

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Undip Towards Global University

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Diponegoro University (Undip) and the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern (FHNW) Switzerland agreed to cooperate mutually in the fields of research, innovation, business incubation, student exchange, and holding international conferences. Both of them agreed to sign the MoU yesterday (12/2/19).
Undip’s Rector, Prof. Yos Johan Utama considers Undip and FHNW have various kinds of potential resources that can be synergized. Both are leading universities in their respective countries. The collaboration will strengthen the reputation of both universities at the global level.

Undip-UPGRIS Emphasized the Importance of Teacher and Lecturer Protection

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Diponegoro University (Undip) together with UPGRIS and Central Java Chapter of PGRI (Indonesia Association of Teachers) emphasized the importance of protecting teachers and lecturers. It is mentioned at the “National Seminar on the Protection of Teachers, Lecturers and Students in Harmony with the Education World” on Monday (11/26/2018), at Santika Premiere Hotel, Semarang.

Undip Rector Prof. Yos Johan Utama said that education is a pillar and essence of a nation.

“Up or down of a nation is determined by teachers. It will be very dangerous if the teachers does not want to educate anymore, because many cases of high-spirit educating teachers brought to the court. Therefore, we must protect teachers, lecturers and students to make the teaching and learning process better. We also have to restore the dignity of teacher as the one who is followed and imitated (by their students),” he said.

Prof. Yos said, the seminar was a follow-up step of FGD (Focus Group Discussion) on protecting lecturers and teachers on couple weeks ago. It was also an effort to complement a RPP which will be proposed to government.**