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2,512 Undip Students Joint-in CSP Were Deployed to Service Field

A total of 2,512 Diponegoro University (Undip) students joint-in Team I of 2018/2019 Community Service Program (CSP) who will do their services in 10 regencies of Central Java had deployment ceremony on  Monday (07/01/2019) at Widya Puraya, Undip Campus in Tembalang, Semarang.

In his speech, Undip Rector Prof. Yos Johan Utama said that in carrying out CSP, students have to able to offer inspiration, kindness and example for the community

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Undip FSPS Held Social Service in Realizing Three Principles of Higher Education

Diponegoro University (Undip)’s Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FSPS) held a social service in Gemawang Village, Jambu Sub-District, Semarang Regency, Saturday (24/11/2018). This social service, or “baksos” which stands for “bakti sosial

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Undip Faculty of Engineering Improve Benefits of Reservoir

Recently, Diponegoro University (Undip) Faculty of Engineering held an event titled “Higher Education Synergy, Ministry of Public Works and Stakeholders for Maintaining Sustainable Function of the  Diponegoro Reservoir” located at the Undip Education Reservoir (Sunday, 25/11/2018). The event included cleaning water hyacinths, planting 5000 trees and river schools.

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UNDIP Develops Sepakung Village Potential

Sepakung is the name of a village in Banyubiru districts, which is rich in natural potential and agro-tourism with organic plants. Recently, Dr. Suryanti, M.Sc. assisted by Undip KKN students from the Fisheries Faculty, Engineering, Public Health, Economics and Business, Department of Nutrition carry out the Village Partner Development Program (PPDM) which is funded by Kemenristek Dikti in the village of Sepakung.

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Undip Students CSP in Rembang Encourage Villagers For Fun Writing

“One of programs carried out by students joined in CSP (Community Service Program) in Karas Village, Sedan District, is a training for the local community to be citizen journalism, so that villagers can write information and news especially on their local potentials, such as culinary, and then (they can) upload it on social media,” Dinda Rahmasari, a student joined in Undip’s CSP in Karas Village, Sedan District, said while she was

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Undip’s Student Created Smartphone-Integrated-Device for Improving Power Quality and Making More Durable Electronic Devices

Problems of power quality usually were caused by low electrical voltage factor. It will be able to cause deficiency to PLN (Indonesian State Electricity Company) customer’s electricity. Poor power quality supply is caused by the voltage drop, and the poor quality power supply may impair

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