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Liquid Organic Fertilizer is an Agricultural Solution for Wonosari Village

Team I of KKN Undip has been implementing a program called posdaya. It is a program of making liquid organic fertilizer in Dukuh Limbangan, Wonosari.

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Training to be Little Doctor

One of program that conducted by team of KKN Undip is giving the training for the Elementary School student to be little doctors. It was implemented at SD Negeri 01 Cukil Kec. Tengaran Kab. Semarang (26th of January 2017).

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Researchers of UNDIP Handling MDR Pathogens Bacterial Infections

UNDIP Researcher, Dr. Agus Trianto. ST .. MSc., Endang Sri Lestari., Dr., PhD and Prof. Drs. Ocky Karna R, M.Sc, Ph.D successfully handling MDR bacterial infections.

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Research UNDIP Successfully Controlling The Coral Disease

Diponegoro University researcher, Prof. Dr. Agus Sabdono, M.Sc and Dr. Ir. Sarjito, M.App.Sc. succesfully controlling the coral disease, through research polysaccharide microsphere

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Helping Disability by Creating Bionic Hand

Center for Bio Mechanics, Bio Materials, Bio Machantronics and Signal Processing (CBIOM3S) Diponegoro University creating the manufacture of artificial limbs, false hip and bionic hand for persons with physical disabilities.

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The Ozone Technological Utilization for Storage of Agricultural Products

Many Indonesian agricultural products require storage system so that the product remains “fresh” to the consumer. The  technology to extend the shelf life of fruits and vegetables are the way out so that the quality is maintained.

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