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Undip Community Service Invents White Pumpkin as Candied

The Undip Community Service Team II KKN have created white pumpkins as candied. This is the result of food diversification which is expected to be able to add to the economic value of white pumpkins. This candied white pumpkin was exhibited at the Undip Community Service Team II Expo with the theme “Bringing Innovation to Grobogan Mand in Grobogan Regency Tuesday (8/13) at the Klambu District Office.

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An Invention of Wori Antiseptics and Turmeric Water to Eliminate the Odor of Livestock Stools in Semarang District Community Service Expo 

Wori Antiseptic

“Carrot and Leri Antiseptic or Wori antiseptics is an environmental friendly antiseptic with simple ingredients but still provides great benefits to kill germs, prevent disease transmission, moisturize the skin and protecting the skin from UV rays,” said Tiffany from a Student Community Service Team II Diponegoro University in Sumowono Village , Sumowono Sub-district, Semarang District.

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Student of KKN UNDIP Team II Jepara Districts Processes Carved Waste Into Lightweight Brick

Students of the 2019 KKN Team Diponegoro University explained the results of their superior work program at the same time with regular visits by university leaders in a form of expo at the Women’s Building Jepara District on Tuesday (8/13). The event was attended by the academic community,

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Innovation Products from KKN Students at “2019 Pemalang Expo”

Just recently, the Rector with Faculty Leaders visited “2019 Pemalang Expo” which was initiated by students of the KKN Team II Academic Year 2018/2019 that were held in Penggarit Village, Taman Subdistrict Pemalang District on Wednesday (8/14).

During the visit, the Undip Rector Prof. Dr. Yos Johan Utama, SH., M.Hum. was accompanied by the Pemalang

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Three Undip Students Invents ‘Sintering’, a Device to Turn Noise into Electric Energy

The Diponegoro University Student Team consisting of Rifki Rokhanudin as the leader, Ragil Adi Nugroho and Yudha Cindy Pratama as the members, have successfully made a breakthrough utility device to convert noise at the airport into electrical energy which was named Sinting (Sound Energy Harvesting).

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Tegal and Jepara Districts Welcomes Undip Students of KKN Team II

Representing the Regent of Tegal, Drs. Abasari, MM., As the expert staff of the Regent of Social Affairs and Human Resources, delivered a speech from the Regent at Student Reception Program of KKN Undip Team II in Pargerang Subdistrict Lebaksiu Subdistrict, and Tegal District, in Amangkurat Pendopo, Tegal.  (8/7). “Through this KKN, it is

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