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Three Undip Students Invents ‘Sintering’, a Device to Turn Noise into Electric Energy

The Diponegoro University Student Team consisting of Rifki Rokhanudin as the leader, Ragil Adi Nugroho and Yudha Cindy Pratama as the members, have successfully made a breakthrough utility device to convert noise at the airport into electrical energy which was named Sinting (Sound Energy Harvesting).

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Tegal and Jepara Districts Welcomes Undip Students of KKN Team II

Representing the Regent of Tegal, Drs. Abasari, MM., As the expert staff of the Regent of Social Affairs and Human Resources, delivered a speech from the Regent at Student Reception Program of KKN Undip Team II in Pargerang Subdistrict Lebaksiu Subdistrict, and Tegal District, in Amangkurat Pendopo, Tegal.  (8/7). “Through this KKN, it is

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Presenting the Best Campus in Batang

Batang is one of the districts in province of Central Java with Batang as its capital city. The district is bordered by Java Sea in the north, Kendal District in the east, BanjarnegaraDistrict in the south, and PekalonganDistrict in the west.

The condition of the Batang district, which is a combination of coastal areas, lowlands and mountains, supports Batang’s potential for the development of agroindustry, agrotourism and agribusiness.

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Undip Submits 535 Students of Community Service to Pemalang “Undip Students Must Be Able to Become a Role Model at the Service Areas”

Pemalang, Tuesday (9/7) A total of 535 Undip students were handed over to the government in Pemalang District to conduct a Real Work Lecture (KKN). These students occupy locations in 5 sub-districts and 48 villages in Pemalang.

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Central Jawa Provincial Government’s KOMINFO Collaborates with Undip Vocational School to Develops Appropriate Technologies

The Head of Communication and Information Agency of Central Java Provincial Government, Riena Retnaningrum SH, have signed a collaboration agreement with Undip Vocational School Dean Prof. Budiono on developing appropriate technology for Kangung village, Demak Regency.

In Dean of the Undip Vocational School speech, Mr. Budiono said that the collaboration with the Central Java Provincial Government Communication and Information Technology was to develop an appropriate technology in agriculture, animal husbandry, fisheries and to optimizethe village’s potential,”he said.

He also added that this collaboration is part of the community service of the Undip Vocational School which is expected to be able to become a technology park and field laboratory for vocational school students and becoming a tourist village that can be used by foreign guests or students whom are visiting Central Java”, he said.

Meanwhile, the Head of Communication and Information Agency of Central Java Provincial Government, Riena Retnaningrum,SH, are welcoming the collaboration agreement with the Undip Vocational School. The Communication and Information Agency of Central Java Provincial Governmentpromised to fully support the collaboration.

“It is hoped that the technology transfer carried out by the Undip vocational school to the kangkung village community will results in a success.It will be able to raise the level of the economy of the local community so that the standard of living for the community will be getting better”, he concluded.

“Pelangi Ceria” A program for Character and Spiritual Building for Kids

(Vocational Student of Undip, Community Service Activities)

Pelangi Ceria is a community that emphasize about education initiated by Undip Vocational students in the area of Sapta Marga III Jangli, Semarang. This program is based pure conscience that education must be available for anyone. Children are the successor of their parents and they must achieve more than their parents.

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