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Undip Students’ Innovation of Styrofoam-based Roof Tiles Won Gold Medals in Nuremberg

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The abundance of styrofoam waste have become an inspiration to a group of Diponegoro University students to create innovative works by utilizing the unused waste. The five students are Yunnia Rahmandanni; Latifa Nida; Nurul Hidayah (Faculty of Science and Mathematics); Ibadurrahman

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Undip-UPGRIS Emphasized the Importance of Teacher and Lecturer Protection

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Diponegoro University (Undip) together with UPGRIS and Central Java Chapter of PGRI (Indonesia Association of Teachers) emphasized the importance of protecting teachers and lecturers. It is mentioned at the “National Seminar on the Protection of Teachers, Lecturers and Students in Harmony with the Education World” on Monday (11/26/2018), at Santika Premiere Hotel, Semarang.

Undip Rector Prof. Yos Johan Utama said that education is a pillar and essence of a nation.

“Up or down of a nation is determined by teachers. It will be very dangerous if the teachers does not want to educate anymore, because many cases of high-spirit educating teachers brought to the court. Therefore, we must protect teachers, lecturers and students to make the teaching and learning process better. We also have to restore the dignity of teacher as the one who is followed and imitated (by their students),” he said.

Prof. Yos said, the seminar was a follow-up step of FGD (Focus Group Discussion) on protecting lecturers and teachers on couple weeks ago. It was also an effort to complement a RPP which will be proposed to government.**

Undip FSPS Held Social Service in Realizing Three Principles of Higher Education

Diponegoro University (Undip)’s Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FSPS) held a social service in Gemawang Village, Jambu Sub-District, Semarang Regency, Saturday (24/11/2018). This social service, or “baksos” which stands for “bakti sosial

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Undip Faculty of Engineering Improve Benefits of Reservoir

Recently, Diponegoro University (Undip) Faculty of Engineering held an event titled “Higher Education Synergy, Ministry of Public Works and Stakeholders for Maintaining Sustainable Function of the  Diponegoro Reservoir” located at the Undip Education Reservoir (Sunday, 25/11/2018). The event included cleaning water hyacinths, planting 5000 trees and river schools.

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UNDIP Develops Sepakung Village Potential

Sepakung is the name of a village in Banyubiru districts, which is rich in natural potential and agro-tourism with organic plants. Recently, Dr. Suryanti, M.Sc. assisted by Undip KKN students from the Fisheries Faculty, Engineering, Public Health, Economics and Business, Department of Nutrition carry out the Village Partner Development Program (PPDM) which is funded by Kemenristek Dikti in the village of Sepakung.

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    Undip’s Foreign Students Asing Engage  Karimunjawa Villagers To Preserve Sustainable Natural Environment    

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In order to keep on preserving the sustainable natural environment, Undip’s International Office engaged the Karimunjawa villagers and visitors to always care about beach cleanliness of  the Great Cemara Karimunjawa through  Coastal CleanUp program, which was attended by 22 Undip students from various regions in Indonesia and abroad, including Taiwan,

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