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BBM Scholarships (Student Learning Assistance)

BBM Scholarship Requirements:
1. Fill in the application form BBM scholarship
2. Students Regular not transfer from D3 to S1 at the time of applying for a scholarship
3. Students S1 min Max sat in the second half. Students sit in the semester VIII min D3 seated in the second half max. sitting in sixth semester
4. Current Student evidenced by a copy of KRS legalized authorities
5. Copy of Student Card (KTM)
6. Copy of KHS with GPA min 2.5 legalized authorities
7. Copy of Head of Family Card (KK)
8. Certificate of Good behavior of the Faculty of legalized authorities
9. Certificate of No capable of Lurah / Head of Village
10. Copy of charter / certificate of achievement
11. Copy of tax electricity bill last month
12. Certificate is not / have applied for a scholarship from another institution or to apply for free tuition or tuition waivers
13. Writing PPA names of the applicants in accordance with the names listed in the book rek. PT. Bank BTN KCP UNDIP Tembalang.
14. Make Student Creativity Program (Special for FSM, for some faculties enough to make prepared statements made PKM if passed the selection receiving the awards can be asked by each student faculty ), a guide can download in website

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