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As one form of accountability in the implementation of the Program Bidikmisi, each program manager (Tim business team business center and Universities) are required to report the activities to related parties.
Things that are reported by the program manager is associated with data / statistics on program recipients, distribution, absorption and utilization of the funds, as well as results of monitoring and evaluation of the complaint issues.

A. Center Management Team

Center Management Team must make reports as follows:

  1. Reports fund absorption realization Bidikmisi
  2. Reports (GPA) receiver Bidikmisi
    Beneficiaries compiled statistics based on data received from the Management Team PT.
  3. Results of monitoring and evaluation which contains a number of respondents, execution time, the results of monitoring, analysis, conclusions, suggestions, and recommendations.
  4. Other activities, such as socializing, training, etc.
  5. Year-end report should be submitted to the Minister by the end of January next year.

B. College Management Team
Team manager universities must make reports as follows.

  1. Reports fund absorption realization Bidikmisi (freshman and on going)
  2. Reports of the grantee Bidikmisi via SIM Bidikmisi
  3. Report progress (GPA) receiver Bidikmisi through
  4. Reports receiver replacement Bidikmisi
  5. Other activities, such as socializing, training, education, character, etc.
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