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Terms and Quota Bidikmisi

A. Candidate Requirements Recipients

Requirements to register 2015 are as follows:

  1. SMA / SMK / MA / MAK or other equivalent form that will pass in 2015;
  2. Graduates in 2014 who is not the recipient Bidikmisi and does not conflict with the provisions of new students in each college;
  3. Highest age when registering is 21 years old;
  4. Economically disadvantaged with the following criteria:
    1. Students Poor Students Scholarship recipient (BSM);
    2. Indonesia Smart Card Holder (KIP) or the like;
    3. The combined gross revenue of the parent / guardian (husband and wife) profuse 000,000.00 per month. For the work of non-formal / informal income in question is the average income per month in the past year; or
    4. The combined gross income of parents / guardians divided by the number of family members profusely 000,00 per month;
  5. Education of parents / guardians as high as S1 (Strata 1) or Diploma
  6. Potentially good academic based on head
  7. Registrant facilitated to choose one among the PTN or PTS with the following provisions:
    1. PTN with a choice of admission:
      • Selection of State Universities (SNMPTN);
      • Joint Selection Entrance State University (SBMTPN);
      • Self-selection in 1 (one) PTN
    2. PTS with a choice of admission in 1 (one)

B. Quota New Students

  1. Bidikmisi quotas are distributed according to the following order of priority:
    1. SNMPTN and self-selection (non SNMPTN Universities, Polytechnics and PTS);
    2. SBMPTN;
    3. Self-selection
  2. Kopertis quota determined by agreement between DG Kopertis Belmawa together with consideration of: (1) the number of courses that meet the accreditation requirements; (2) the number of universities that qualify; (3) the level of regional poverty
  3. PTS quota through self-selection determined by Kopertis by: (1) the number of courses that meet the accreditation requirements, with a maximum proportion of 20% of total new students; (2) The geographical conditions, socio-economic characteristics colleges around the country to the specificity of the area 3T; (3) adherence to the principles of management colleges are good;
  4. Quota for PTS including determination of courses conducted by DG Regional Kopertis Belmawa along with criteria
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