“(Diponegoro University) Undip’s Permata Preschool will provide the best raising, educating and developing children’s potential from an early age,” said the Chairperson of  Dharma Wanita Persatuan of Undip (Indonesian civil servants’ wives association of Undip) Asih Budiastuti (Undip Rector Prof. Yos Johan Utama’s wife) in Dissemination of the School and Parenting Program of Undip’s Permata Preschool themed “Educating Children with Love”, on Saturday (August 11, 2018) at SA-MWA Hall, Undip Campus, Tembalang  Semarang.

Furthermore, Asih Budiastuti said children are Godsend whom must be properly taken care of and raised with sincere affection. “For this reason parents and the school must work together to educate children so that they grow up to be smart children, both intellectual and spiritual intelligence,” she said.

On the event, Dra. Darosy Endah H. M.pd (Undip Faculty of Psychology lecturer) attended as a speaker. “Educating children is a worship. Please teach about religion to your children from their early age, (train them) on positive habits of noble character,” she said. According to her, family is the first educator for children, which is the main basis of children’s character developments. “Children are born because of parents’ efforts and prayers so that role of parents is very important to educate children from early age, by full gentleness and love they have to build positive habits and be a good and role model for their children,” she suggested.