Diponegoro University conducted socialization of SNMPTN and SBMPTN to 100 SMA / SMK / MA in Brebes at SMAN I Brebes on Thursday morning (17/1).

The Head of Undip LP2MP Admission and Promotion, Dr. Bambang Cahyono said that each school must ensure that there are no problems in the PDSS process because this is the first step in order to apply for college via SNMPTN.

“Unlike the previous year, this year the management of SNMPTN and SBMPTN management is held by LTMPT,” he said.

“The system has not changed, there are still 3 channelsthat can be used to get enrolled, namely SNMPTN, SBMPTN and UM. The minimum of SNMPTN is 20%, SBMPTN is 40%, and 30% for UM ”

“The selection of study programs for this year can be outside the rayon, so the two choice of study programs can be from any PTN, so the system is national.”

“The SBMPTN is different from last year, which is now the students have to take their test first then be able to pick the desired college.”

“Please note that for those who have been accepted by SNMPTN, the student concerned will automatically unable to take part in the SBMPTN. For more information, please see the website um.undip.ac.id “he added.

The Deputy head of Infrastructure Facilities at SMA 1 Brebes, Amin Fauzi hopes that the results of this socialization can be delivered to students so that they may be able to continue pursuing their next study without any issue.

“Last year, 58 students were enrolled to Undip using various channels, hopefully this year it can reach 100 students” he said.