Still in the atmosphere of Eid Al-Fitri 1440 Hijriyah, the large family of the Undip Vocational School held a Halal Bihalal event on Friday (14/6) in the Hall of the Undip Vocational School in Tembalang.

Since this morning, the Undip Vocational School Hall was crowded with the Undip Vocational School’s big family.Besides forgiving each other, the event was also filled with tausiyah, which was led by Prof. Yusuf Suyono, Professor of UIN Walisongo Semarang.The theme was about the importance of friendship and mutual forgiveness in life.
Professor of UIN Walisongo Prof. Yusuf Suyono in his tausiyah says that halal bihalal is a form of connecting peoples friendship to others and to erase our sins.It is hoped that this halal bihalal moment is not only as a ceremonial event but follows its essence, namely to return to fitri”, he said.
Meanwhile, in his remarks, the Dean of the Undip Vocational School, Prof. Budiono, said that Vocational Education is the key to build a better nation’s competitiveness. It is because Vocational education is directed towards improving skills so that graduates can immediately enter the workforce.For that I hope that the entire Academic Community at the Undip Vocational School will jointly develop and advance the Vocational School that we love”, he said.
Prof. Budiono added that this halal bihalal event aims to strengthen the relationship, companionship, and togetherness in the Undip Vocational School environment to be more compact, more directed and successful in the future”, he said.
“On behalf of the person and the leadership element, we apologize if there is something wrong in our daily interactions and from my personal mistakes. Thus,as the leader of the vocational school, I ask beg for forgiveness.”
The Undip Vocational School Halal Bihalal event was attended by Undip Vocational School leaders, namely the Deputy Academic and Student Dean Dr. Ida Hayu Dwimawanti, Deputy Dean of Economics and Business Dr. AgusPurwanto, the teaching staff, the structural officials, and employees.

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