Want to Make a Startup Company Jasmine Aulia is a 2017 Undip Vocational School Electrical Engineering student, where in 2019 she won the Thailand Investor Day 2019 award, Thailand Investor Day 2019 is an international competition held by the National Research Council Thailand. NRCT is a research institute of Thailand.

This competition is in the form of a creation presentation and expo. The creation that were brought in this competition was a Fishco-Box “said the girl who likes watching movies and traveling.
“Fishco-Box is a cooling device for the post-harvest period for fishermen. It is used especially in Indonesia because Indonesia is the country with the largest biodiversity in the world. The purpose of this tool is to help fishermen to deal with problems in postharvest fish before being sold to middlemen or traditional markets so that the fish sold are still fresh and good for consumption.
“This tool is environmentally friendly, inexpensive, and also easy to make because it uses used goods which certainly is environmentally friendly. This competition is in the field of science specifically to showcase the latest innovations to the world. In this competition there are many countries that participates in the exhibit innovations such as Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, the United States, Korea, China, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, India, Poland, Germany, Japan, Turkey, etc.
Undip vocational school electrical engineering student program has won several awards both at national and international levels which were the Bronze Medal Thailand Investor Day in 2019, 2nd Place IMC 2019 LKTIN TUN in 2019, MAWAPRES 3 Diponegoro University Diploma Program in 2019, Bronze Medal Seoul International Invention Fair Year 2018 and Passed the Diponegoro University Research Grant Funding in 2018.
Jasmine, who is now in her fourth semester in the electrical engineering study program, aspires to open a business or entrepreneurship in the startup field after she graduated because according to her, many young people now only want to work in the comfort zone of being civil servants and BUMN employees. “I want to change this mindset because to be successful, you don’t have to be just an employee. You can also achieve a success via entrepreneurship as well, “said this Jakarta-born girl.