This year, the Industrial Engineering Department of Universitas Diponegoro in collaboration with the Indonesia Risk Management Professional Association (IRMAPA) held a joint conference of the 6th Annual Conference on Industrial and Engineering Systems 2019 (6th ACISE 2019) and 1st International Conference on Risk Management and Interdisciplinary Approach 2019 (1st ICRMIA 2019).

Chairperson of the 2019 ACISE committee, Dr. Aries Susanty ST MT, said that ACISE is an annual conference event held by the Department of Industrial Engineering, Universitas Diponegoro. This year is the sixth year in its implementation,” he said. Initially ACISE was a national conference, but starting this year ACISE was scheduled as a reputable international conference event whose publication was indexed by Scopus.

Aries added that ACISE broadly provides opportunities for various fields to exchange new ideas and experiences, and build business or research relationships and to find global partnerships for future collaboration in the Engineering field to achieve sustainable development. ICRMIA, in particular, is intended to provide a forum for researchers, academics (including students), and practitioners in the field of risk management to present and publish the results of their research in international conferences. Conference participants came from various universities in Indonesia, Taiwan, Malaysia, Melbourne, Japan, Sweden and the United Kingdom as well as practitioners from various institutions such as BRRI, PERTAMINA and PT. MAS SUMBIRI.

Meanwhile the Dean of FT Undip M. Agung Wibowo, PhD welcomed the joint 6th ACISE 2019 and 1st ICRMIA 2019 joint conference event with the presence of the event the Engineering Faculty of UNDIP could be more active in the international community and be able to strengthen cooperation networks and the most important thing was to increase the number of international publications,” He said.

The theme of the 6th joint conference ACISE 2019 and 1st ICRMIA 2019 is “Risk Engineering in Industry 4.0: Protecting and Creating Value in Industrial and System Engineering”. Risk engineering is a term related to the method for identifying and measuring a risk, and developing insights to change risk or adverse risk through a number of effective and efficient decisions. Risk engineering has been applied in many contexts, and the principles in risk engineering are relevant to various decisions. In this international conference, risk engineering will be applied in the context of industry 4.0 to protect and create value in the field of industry and systems engineering, such as manufacturing systems, quality systems, product design and innovation, human factors and ergonomics, chain logistics and supply, and so on. In detail, the scope of studies in the proposed international conferences include Big Data and Analytics, Decision Analysis and Methods, E-Business and E-Commerce, Economy Engineering and Cost Analysis, Healthcare Systems, Human factors and Ergonomics, Information Processing and Engineering, Intelligent Systems , Logistic and Supply Chain, Manufacturing Systems, Operation Research, Product Design and Innovation, Production Planning and Control, Project Analysis and Control, Quality Control System, Reliability and Maintenance Engineering, Safety, Security and Risk Engineering, Service Innovation, Systems Modelling and Simulation , Technology and Knowledge Engineering, and Supply Chain Management and Agro Supply Chain.

Present as speakers at the 6th joint conference of ACISE 2019 and 1st ICRMIA 2019, three of them were from Indonesia, namely Prof. Dr. Ir. Bambang Prasetyo, MSc Dr.Antonius Alijoyo, SE., MM., ERMCP., CERG, Dr. Aries Susanty ST MT. International speakers from the UK Conventry University, Prof. Benny Tjahjono, from Malaysia, namely Prof. Dr. Ir. Sha’ri M. Yusof, and three from Taiwan Prof. Hui-Ming Wee, Prof. Chuang-Chun Chiou, Dr. I-Jan Wang. Apart from academics, practitioners from PT. Mas Sumbiri (Srilanka) Mr. Shamal Bayogoda also participated as a speaker in the plenary session.