UNDIP’s “Magmadipa”, the Geological Engineering Student Association in Economics collaborated with Entrepreneurship Lecturers and recently held a National Seminar on Entrepreneurship: Industrial and Business Innovation in Abundance Era at R302, Pertamina Building, Sukowati, Undip.

The seminar took up the theme of ‘Abundance Era’, which encompasses this day of age in which everything is affordable, abundant, convenient, quickly accessible and simpler thanks to the development of technology.

Aside from the intriguing theme, the content from the seminar was also interesting that it would be a shame to miss out on it. The seminar presented two speakers, the first one being Hendratmoko (the CEO of PT. IHS Multi Engineering, Chairperson of PORTADIN, and likes karate) who explained that technology-based businesses in the Abundance Era would be very convenient and would grow exponentially.

On that occasion Hendi also motivated students to be the people of business instead of becoming an employee.

The second speaker was Imam Pesuwaryantoro (CEO of Listriku.id and Chief of the Smart City committee, West Java’s Industrial Chamber of Commerce) who presented innovations and tips on entrepreneurship in three big questions; why (why we make it)how (how to develop it) and what (what makes it different).

According to him entrepreneurship is not just an idea and concept. Doing business is the courage to start something. “Without starting we will never do businesses,” he explained.

Rizaldi, the Leader of the seminar said that the seminar was intended to bring out students’ entrepreneurial spirits, explore new opportunities and open a mindset about the potentials of industrial and business markets in a convenient and widely connected era. “Increasing the knowledge in the field of entrepreneurship and to lead students to have an open mind in accordance of the change in civilization that is filled with the development of interconnected information,” He stated.