Sunday (28/4) Realizing Community Service, Faculty of Public Health Undip KIA 2019 Festival with the theme “A Healthy Mother is an Inspiration for a Happy Family” as the culmination of a series of ‘KIA Surveillance’ programs, new students held the ‘2019 KIA Festival’ at Meteseh Park, Tembalang. The festival was attended by the FKM Dean and ranks, Head of Rowosari Health Center, and all Village Heads in Tembalang District.

This program is a means for health promotion, health and entertainment talk shows for mothers in the KIA Surveillance area who are expected to help reduce maternal and child mortality. In addition, a series of activities were carried out to optimize the role of students as agents of change in a better direction.

The festival was enlivened by various events to support healthy families including healthy gymnastics, healthy food and beverage leaflets, quiz competition for healthy mothers, children’s coloring competitions, and many other festive events.

Undip FKM Dean Dr. Budiyono, S.Km, M.Kes in his remarks stated that the KIA Festival is a well-developed activity in the environment. This activity is an introduction for new students to go directly to the community and provide assistance to 120 pregnant and postpartum mothers, hoping that students can overcome direct problems in the regions related to maternal health and child growth.

Yudhi Darmawan, S.Km., M.Kes, the supervisor of the KIA 2019 Festival, thanked the health department for supporting maternal and child health programs, especially in Rowosari and Kedungmundu Villages as fostered partners of the Undip FKM. Yudhi said that the activity was the culmination of the prospect of fresh students that had been carried out starting from October 2018 where the freshmen’s activities included a series of soft skills training, scientific writing training, and ended with the assistance of the pregnant women.

Yudhi also added 120 pregnant women who were accompanied in good health and ready to give birth.

“One of the objectives of this festival is that students must be able to mobilize healthy communities promoted by the Indonesian Ministry of Health by practicing to realize healthy and safe pregnant women,” Yudhi said.