The Rector of Universitas Diponegoro  Prof. Yos Johan Utama appointed the dean of the faculty of science and mathematics, Prof. Widowati Monday (15/2) in terms of SA-MWA UNDIP Tembalang. In addition to the Dean of FSM, several structural officials were appointed, namely Chairman of the Public Administration Department Tri Yuningsih, Head of Public Administration Bachelor Program, Maesaroh, Head of Animal Husbandry Department, Sri Sumarsih, Chair of the Department of Nutrition, Ani Margawati, Head of Nutrition Sciences Gemala Anjani and Head of Sub-Department MWA Sri Rahayu Setyorini.

UNDIP’s Rector Prof. Yos Johan Utama said that Prof. Widowati was re-appointed as dean of FSM.

“I congratulate the officials who have been appointed today, the position is a mandate that will later be billed in the hereafter. For that, let’s work well so that we can create a university that is blessed,” he said.

“A leader must be a good example, a role model. Work honestly, fairly and consistently. For the dean of FSM, a big task has been awaiting namely to make the faculty of science and mathematics more powerful and more prosperous. Take care of the lecture process so that students are comfortable in seeking knowledge “.

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