The vision for the top 500 worlds is continuously pursued by all units within UNDIP and this time, UNDIP’s International Office in collaboration with the World Class University Program, actively participates in international education exhibition activities organized by QS in the Middle East in an QS MAPLE exhibition activity 2019. This year is a series of ninth annual routine activities conducted by QS and this time in collaboration with Zayed University, Dubai.

UNDIP along with 6 other major universities in Indonesia, participated actively in various activities ranging from workshops to promotions. On this occasion, Deputy Rector III, Budi Setiyono, S.Sos., M.Pol. Admin., Ph.D. on the sidelines of the busy activities in this exhibition, provides direction to be able to establish the possibility of outbound staff and student programs to universities in the Middle East to establish a good network, in order to improve the quality improvement program for UNDIP lecturers and students. It was also intended to increase the number of foreign students at UNDIP through various programs such as the International Undergraduate Program (IUP) and Summer Course Program. UNDIP currently has 5 IUPs and 11 Summer Course Programs that need to be promoted to other universities including this QS education exhibition. UNDIP also provides a full scholarship (full scholarship) for 50 degree students per year for foreign students (south and south east asia countries).

The exhibition was held from 21-26 April 2019 and was attended by around 300 participants from various countries in the Middle East. Countries in the Middle East are the target market for international students at UNDIP, therefore this promotion program is a very important program to be followed in order to achieve UNDIP’s vision to reach the 500th rank in the world.