Semarang – There are 2015 Faculty of Public Health students from Diponegoro University carried out intervention activities from the Field Learning Practices program at the Jabungan Village Office, Semarang City, Sunday (03/31/19). The Field Learning Practice (PBL) is an opportunity for Undip FKM students to be able to apply the knowledge gained during the lecture process in the field directly specifically related to health problems in the area.

In the concept, PBL itself is a process of finding health problems which will then be searched for the root cause of the problem and the holding of interventions so that it can have a positive impact on the health status in the community.

In the intervention activity which was carried out on Sunday morning, it raised health problems, namely hypertension, in which hypertension has an increasing incidence in 3 years in the Jabungan Village.

Intervention activities consist of hypertension gymnastics, hypertension socialization, healthy lifestyle and Posbindu Non-Communicable Diseases, signing commitment to procuring PTM Posbindu from across related sectors such as Kelurahan Health Forum, PKK, RT and RW and kelurahan apparatus, and finally health checks.

“Posbindu itself is important for the Jabungan community and we need it. We will shape it and follow up on this even though it certainly requires a long process in the future. “Said Fitri as the representative of the Jabungan Village FKK.

This intervention activity also received high enthusiasm from the community of Jabungan Village, this was seen from the enthusiasm of the people who participated in the activity from the beginning to the end of the intervention.

“The hope is that this intervention can become a reference and be sustainable so that it can have a positive impact on residents of Jabungan Village especially those related to hypertension so that the number of hypertension in the Jabungan Village can be reduced.” Said Santi Wulandari as a representative of the Undip FKM student.